Faekazahn I decided that I should not leave moother mountains without seeing her and knowing for myself why she had done this thing. Okay so this a super short story; Its not an actual book. A Mother in Mannville I am leaving tomorrow. I went back to work, closing the door, At first the sound of the boy dragging brush annoyed me.

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However, can it be used for more? Can it be used as a term of endearment instead of negativity? Can this word be used in a more positive light? I believe so. Sometimes though, people of integrity lie to those they love for their own good. This integrity related theme is perfectly demonstrated in the story A Mother in Manville, by Marjorie K. She uses setting as an interpreter to show character emotions.

A great example is when the two main characters, Jerry and the narrator, meet; it is a sunny autumn afternoon. She is the cold of the autumn, a flurry of vivid colored leaves in her personality overshadowed by the imminence of dying life that signal her longing for isolation. He is the sunny day; he is quietly shining and bringing light into the lives of others, without seeking extra attention or admiration.

The author demonstrates how quickly the woman became warm towards him through a simple paragraph on her reaction towards the noise Jerry made, "At first the sound of the dragging brush annoyed me. Then he began to chop. The blows were rhythmic and steady " Rawlings.

Although the narrator is initially irked at the boy for making such a disturbing sound, she grows easily accustomed to the sound of the axe. Painting this picture, the author caused the audience to see that the woman was really a sociable person after a while of breaking her outer shell. She had become attached to him by the time she realized how much character this 12 year old boy had. Gray with a shadow of miraculous blue.

She also thought well of him, even after their first meeting. She thinks of him as a man of integrity "The quality of which I use it is a rare one. My father had it- there is another of whom I am almost sure-but almost no man of my acquaintance possesses it with the clarity, purity, and simplicity of a mountain stream. But the boy Jerry had it. She realizes this early on after their meeting, and takes extra special note of it. His character is tested when the axe handle broke one day.

Jerry refuses any method of fixing other than to repair it himself, without pay. The narrator insists on paying him to fix it first, and after being readily rejected, she takes it to the man who made it, who fixes it for her. I brought the axe down careless. This boy mad no money, he had no means to pay for it except what he had gotten from the woman, yet he was willing to do it out of the goodness of his heart.

The narrator added this in to portray without a doubt, that this boy had the virtues of a well-seasoned man, who knew to the fullest extent how much kindness is felt by all living things. The one lie Jerry told the woman was that he had a mother, close by in Manville. The background of the scene "In the light by the fire. This elaborate lie was created by the boy for the sole purpose of protecting the narrator. He believed if he told this lie, the woman would feel no regrets at leaving him behind, another fantastic display of character.

His lie worked while it lasted. The woman thought to herself as she was about to leave, "It puts me at ease to know he has a mother close by " Rawlings. The narrator clearly cared for Jerry, and he for her, but he felt obligated as a man of integrity to protect her, and so he lied. Jerry did it to put the narrator in a state of insouciant bliss. The lie was a good lie done for the woman he loved as a mother, and as a friend.

Rawlings is a bittersweet story of a boy, Jerry, who knew all too well the phrase "Love them enough to let them go. Jerry was a 12 year old in a class of his own, he had a trait the narrator had only ever seen in her father, integrity. He displays this throughout the story, the most significant example being when he offered to fix an axe handle he broke, despite having no time or money to do so.

Even though Jerry had so much potential to be the perfect little child, he lied. Only once, but he lied. The lie at first may seem like the wishful thinking of a kid, but in actuality, he was protecting the narrator. He told her he had a mother nearby who was kind to him in order to put the woman at ease. The boy was kind, but he was discrete about this kindness, and so the lie was okay.


A Mother In Mannville By Marjorie Rawlings



A Mother in Mannville


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