The new focus assistant button now stays on as long as you zg-hpx it to — another nice improvement. Clip skip Press h pause during playback to set the unit to the pause mode. This is my first tapeless camcorder, and I have been very pleased with the workflow. I was initially very excited about the camera. Search results Search for operating instruction manuals Broadcast and Professional AV It has variable frame rate features that respond to fast and slow action.

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For details, see page Page 2: Read this first! Read this first! Page 3 indicates safety information. Page 5 Software information for this product 1. Page 6 Contents Read this first! Page 7 Synchro scan The P2 card has a large capacity Page 9 Precaution for use Always take some trial shots before actual shooting. Page Description of parts Description of parts Right side and rear side 3 4 5 67 8 9 10 11 12 15 16 Page Preparation The battery Charging Before using the battery, fully charge it with the AC Recording time of included battery adapter.

Page 16 Installing and removing the power supply Installing and removing the battery Installation Removal 1 Insert the battery until it Page 17 Adjusting the hand strap Adjust the hand strap to suit your hand.

Page 18 The remote control Insert the battery Remote control setup When using two camera-recorders simultaneously, 1 Push the catch in Turn on the camera: The mode lamp Page 22 Viewfinder continued Adjusting the screen display 5 Push the Operation lever in the w or q direction to make Page 23 Adjusting the backlight Switching between overscan and The steps below show how to set the brightness of underscan the LCD Page 30 Using the zoom function This camera has a 13 x optical zoom function.

On the remote control Zoom with Page 31 Variable frame rates VFR By taking full advantage of the special characteristics of P2 cards, this unit provides frame skipping Page 33 Using variable frame rates VFR Undercrank shooting Standard speed shooting for movie This way of shooting provides quick motion effects Page 35 Shooting in manual mode Set the unit to manual mode when manually adjusting the focus, iris, gain and white balance In order to reproduce the Use this feature when you have no Page 41 Checking and displaying shooting Changing the image size status When recording in i mode, you can change the size aspect Page 43 Waveform monitor function Note the following when backup recording.

Page 44 Shooting techniques for different targets continued 2-slot continuous recording Text memo recording If you insert two P2 cards into Page 50 Adjusting the shutter speed continued With artificial lighting and especially fluorescent Synchro scan lights and mercury-vapor lamps, the luminance Page 51 Switching Audio Input During shooting, you can record up to four Using the built-in microphone channels of sound.

You can Page 53 Using scene files The settings according to the variety of shooting Changing scene file settings circumstances are stored in each Page 55 Saving scene files and other settings on SD memory cards You can save up to four scene file settings or Page 61 Setting user information 5 Set the user information.

Setting user information allows you to store 8-digit Push the Operation lever ON While pressing the lock release, turn the Page 64 Thumbnail screen Video data created on the P2 card in one shooting session is called a clip.

When the Page 66 Adding shot marks to clips Adding shot marks M will make it easier to find the clips Push the Operation lever in Page 75 Clip skip Viewing images on a monitor You can view the images on a monitor if you 1 Press h Page Editing Connecting external units Headphones 3.

Page 79 Digital video equipment Dubbing Other Digital video equipment This camera Ferrite core included Ferrite core included 6-pin cable Page 82 Nonlinear editing with P2 card PC mode continued 6 Proceed with nonlinear editing using your computer. An icon for There is not enough free memory on the HDD.

There are too many Page Displays Screen displays Regular displays For details on the safety zone, refer to Page 90 Screen displays continued 33 Media remaining memory display 36 Special recording display Displays the remaining time. This display appears Can not record correctly because of Page Menu Using the setup menus Use the setup menus to change the settings to suit the scenes you are shooting Page 95 Initializing the menu settings The menu settings contain both the user file settings and the scene file settings.

Page Before calling for service continued Shooting Cannot start shooting. P19 Cannot P63 press Page What to remember when throwing memory cards away or transferring them to others Formatting memory cards or deleting data using Page Updating the driver in the camera For the latest information on drivers, visit the P2 Support Desk at the Page Cleaning When cleaning, do not use benzene or thinner.

Page Storage Precautions Before storing the camera-recorder, remove the P2 cards battery. Page How to handle data recorded on P2 cards The P2 card is a semiconductor memory card that is used as Supply voltage: DC7.


PANASONIC AG-HPX170, AG-HPX171, AG-HPX172, AG-HPX173 Series Service Manual



Panasonic AG AG-HPX170 Manuals



Panasonic AG-HPX170P Camcorder User Manual



Panasonic AG-HPX170 User Guide


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