Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Follow the Author As always, while Alex is front and center, his friends have his back and help out against the vampires along the way. Jason Henderson is the author of Alex Van Helsing: But this novel really revolves around young Alex playing spy while also attempting to attend school with the elite. Capabilities Text to speech.

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From the very first page, I just knew this was going to be a wild and totally different ride. I never knew when evil vampire Elle would pop up, or Alex or one of his friends would be in danger. And the main villain, Ultravox, nasty plans that one. The Merrill brothers got to be more than typical boarding school bullies. And actually, besides one weird incident involving chalk and contacts, the entire plot came together really really well, I never felt like the action jumped around at all.

Vampire Rising was only a so-so book for me, but Voice of the Undead really steps it up a notch, I really like it, great writing and a lot of undead staking fun. The first in the series was equally as good.

Aug 22, E. The way Jason Henderson uses literature to weave a story was fun and interesting. You love this kid, Alex, right from the start. Then he starts on this adventure and you are brought along to see all of it. The plot was more involved and the balance between action and character development was much better.

As a YA adventure novel the plot is not all that complex and the characters are not particular deep but the story develops nicely and the tension builds with some nice side stories. Looks like this is turning into a nice series for those looking for action adventure with a vampire twist.

May 16, Alexis rated it it was amazing Alex Van Helsing is amazingly written. While also Alex just trying to have a normal life, but while being stuck in a war that has been going on for centuries is really making that difficult. The conflicts he goes through is just simply amazing. Not only because of the plot twists he goes through but because in some cases the reader can actually relate to him.

Just how each challenge he must face their is always a plot Alex Van Helsing is amazingly written. Just how each challenge he must face their is always a plot twist at the end. Therefore making his goal even harder to achieve which is to keep everyone safe. Now when I said that I can relate to Alex I really meant it. It is amazing how the author made the character to be attached to reader.

Like the challenges and the struggle he goes through all of us at one point can relate to him. Back to the story though it was written perfectly how all the characters mix and match. How it just makes you think that you will know what is going to happen next. But out of nowhere something unexpected happens that you never thought will happen. This is why I really loved this book and I really thank the author for this book. Because how he explains Alex to be a selfless person and strong mentally is beautiful.

No spoilers though the ending of the second book is not simple to understand. The only way to explain it is that it will leave you in shock. My fault. Sep 22, Jozlyn rated it it was amazing The fort book is just half of what this one is. I love it!


Voice of the Undead





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