This Amp has a very nice mid range tone to it. If you are using short run cables, use them on this amp. I personally feel that this amp is a sleeper because most will connect via xlr cables and not give its wider bandwidth the credit that its due. I believe this is a result of bypassing the noise rejection circuitry associated with the xlr inputs. There are a few cosmetic imperfections here and there, like scratches on the top and bottom, but probably negligible if used in a rack. Let me know if you have any questions, and thanks for looking!

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The dual channel power amplifier shall be of solid state design employing true complementary symmetry output circuitry with grounded collectors and capable of operating from either a Vac or Vac line at either 50 or 60 Hz.

No, create an alted now. Theres a pair of Altec b downstairs hooked up to EPI s. Finish color shall be black. I know AL tends to be pro audio and documentation on this amp did show it could be used for auditoriums and the like, but I am curious as to if it is any good for home audio use at all?

It would certianly go to say then that while these amps may sound fine then, that in my area it still might not make them easy sells if I upgrade to something else. The chassis shall be rack mountable without the addition of any accessory mounting brackets. VistanceFeb 27, I have a A tucked b in a closet. It just means you have a fairly bulletproof amp that is meant for hard use and even abuse. Output terminals shall be a barrier strip connector.

On the rear panel shall be a two position mode switch for selecting between the dual channel mode or the bridged single channel mode, and individual rotary input level controls. The net weight shall not exceed 34 pounds. Voltage gain in dual mode shall be 33 dB or greater. I can sit you down in front of a alted system that will shame a hell of a lotta home systems and bring a b of a smil to your face.

Some people have to poo on alyec pro stuff to justify the fat cash they paid for their high dollar esoteric systems.

My idea of amps has always been things like an Adcom, or NAD — and my idea of a wonderful amp being stuff like massive Krell, Bryston, Accuphase, Nakamichi PA-5 — stuff with big handles and huge fins. OH, as far b the Peavey PA amps. Do you already have an account? There are more than a couple people on this forum tat use them.

I heart pro amps. Input connections for each channel shall include a powered octal accessory socket for use with optional plug-in accessory modules, a 3-pin female XLR connector, and a barrier strip connector. That — combined with the alltec Which ever you prefer. As I said, the only real weakenss of this amps is, is that the fan on it is not the quietest out there. Related Articles.


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