Shalmaran Public discourse plays a very important strategic role because it makes a distinction between new religions and ethnic religions. The term has been fundamental in the birth of the multiculturalist movement. We argue that the arguments advanced by multiculturalism are not convincing and rather lead to the fragmentation of the state. The whole series of new religions appeared with the thesis that the forthcoming integration of the humankind in a unique global society requires a new world religion that will integrate all previous historical religions that were connected to partial cultures. Although the liberal theories of multiculturalism could be the most applicable ones, with the emphasis of cultural diversity issue, even they reduce the cultural diversity mainly to — ethnic diversity. As a radical contrast to liberal multiculturalism, conservative criticism of multiculturalism regards that multiculturalism encourages separatism and represents a threat to national cohesion.

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Gazilkree Through ethnic and political entrepreneurs from outside, even a rather weak ethnic group can become a legally recognised minority or — to put amdrea more clearly — at least its representatives can improve their symbolic status Promitzer at all.

Gothenburg Africana Informal Series. Hidden religiousness still exists in numerous small religious communities in Serbia, for fear not to be characterized as a negative social phenomenon — sect.

Search results The change of ssmprini borders after the First World War and disintegration of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy was crucial for creation of the Romanian national minority in the territory of Serbia, when new sovereign states were created. As Semprini states, this model is indifferent to state- nation issues, which are pleadable only if set above group limits. We will also problematize whether minorities are perceived to challenge the values, cultural identities, etc.

Multiculturalismo — Andrea Semprini — Google Books We would like to discus questions such are: Due to the fact that they belong to the ethnic minority which is mostly monoconfessionally oriented, Neo-Protestants Romanians and other national minorities belonging to small religious communities have a dominant confessional identity. One should notice that such societies do not necessarily claim to be multicultural. Therefore for multiculturalists the traditional political liberal model is: Thus the combination of recognizing cultural diversity and adjustment to key values of society represents the essential feature of multiculturalism Meinhof, Triandafyllidou, KuburiZorica Therefore, this model of multicultural space is dominated by economic paradigm.

Examining the correlation between national and religious anddrea, we are also interested in social status of neo-Protestants, which are not recognized by the Serbian law. The position of Neo-Protestant Romanians in Serbia can be viewed within the proposed concepts of hidden minorities and multivulturalismo of minorities.

Help Center Find new research papers in: We have to precise here that the introduction of philosophy in education will create openness and understanding of others. Since one of the essential issues of multi-culturalism is the issue of difference, multi-cultural and multi-confessional communities and their heritage represent an important part in the process of preserving sempprini and religious pluralism in Serbia.

The already mentioned issue of visualization of hidden minorities belongs to numerous open issues in the field of research ethics. To sustain this view, Russell maintains: Looking back at the Australian experience of multiculturalism and its relation to the national identity, Chandran Kukathas does not think that a dialogue between multiculturalism and liberalism is such a complex issue, although he observes the given problem, primarily from the theoretical perspective Kukathas Identity policy represents the request multiculturlaismo greater cultural and social visibility and acceptance of individuality of different minority groups.

From Colonial France to Multicultural France The definition of the state that can be derived is then the following: The relation of the state towards authentic identities of micro-communities, such as Neo-Protestant communities in Serbia, is very often reduced to declarative acceptance and discourse on tolerance.

The issue of religious communities in debates on multiculturalism certainly plays an important role, although national framework often represents a dominant paradigm in the great number of theoretical concepts of multiculturalism. Michel Wievorka explains first that there are three uses or the term semprnii New Religions and Multiculturalism Religious pluralism represents a great challenge in the modern world for all religious communities.

American Anthropologist 99, 2: The Nazarene community is therefore multiethnic as a whole, however, religious identity represents in a way a border in multiculturalism. Constitution of the Republic of Cameroon. Among them, there are dozens of Neo-Protestant small religious communities, but also new religious movements, pro- oriental cults, as well as different alternative religious communities originated from Christianity. This implies that the teacher must swmprini avoid cultural reinforcement that might give an impression of superiority or inferiority to students with regard to others.

Arguments for Multiculturalism: An Evaluation casestudies journal — By cultural terrorism we mean the fear imposed upon a cultural group by another cultural group, with multiculguralismo values or worldview as matters of contention.

However, as far as groups are concerned, the word recognition is mostly used. Some theoretical observations], In: Lastly, cultural groups are themselves dynamic. Most Related.











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