Vudotilar An exceedingly rare and important series of letters. Novament estampat e corregit. In his letter, he describes the work and death of Saint Francis Xavier, the Apostle of the East, who was then a Padre, and the first Jesuit to set foot in India. The English Edition was translated by Richard Eden. It seems to me that King Alfonsus was not satisfied with promoting the Christian religion in his own dominions.

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Vudosho The work, which may be considered as the first General History of Travels, was the compilation of John Huttich. According to Leclerc, the three remaining books dealt respectively with: Rubric on first half of text printed in red. This is a great historical work, indispensable to the student of Spanish affairs in America after the Conquest.

The author, who was with Cortes, may be said to have been the founder of the literature of seamanship. The passage is sometimes cited to impart an air of authenticity to the codicil, made according to military usage, and written on a blank leaf of a breviary, said to have been presented to Columbus by Alexander VI, and found afterwards in the Corsini Library at Rome, or picked up in a book-stall, and purchased for a few cents.

De Dictis Factisque Memorabilibus Collectanea. Black Letter, woodcut of ship on title, with fine woodcut border, double columns. Among the pre-Columbian discoveries of America, the Brothers Zeni occupy perhaps the most prominent place. Bound by Chambolle-Duru, in full levant morocco, gilt lines on sides, full gilt back, g. It returned in many more days than it took to reach the country, and they who returned on board were but the pilot and three or four sailors, who soon died in port as a result of hunger and hardship.

Henry Stevens, on the contrary, says: L45o Church Catalogue Green morocco, treble gilt fillet border, gilt panelled back, inside dentelles, g. Fontanini and Tiraboschi assert that he was the father of the vainglorious Julius Caesar Scaliger. That the water also has a round surface may be demonstrated in the following manner.

It is therefore likely that this paragraph was purposely inserted into the printed oration to claim for Portugal the discoveries in contradistinction to Spain. A fine copy, with only two slight defects, viz. British Museum Catalogue, Vol. Nordenskjold, Facsimile Atlas, Plate 42, does not reproduce this scarce map, being apparently unable to find a copy to photograph, but had to content himself with a copy of variant B, which differs only in slight particulars. In the late Richard H.

With woodcut illustrations in the text. There are two remarkable World Maps: The title is within an ornamental woodcut panel containing figures of angels in various attitudes, forming a graceful design. Syphilis, Sive Morbus Gallicvs. The passage in question, however, was not written by him, but had been copied from the same map in the editions of and The river Baguenay is here indicated, a remarkable feature in so early a map.

Constantly with wild tribes of Indians, who in them first saw men with white skins: On the old continent the name Asia printed in large type. De la Sfera del Mondo. M is Chapter treats of navigation to the New World. In the first book, Postel exposes the dogmas of the Christian religion; in the second, after an investigation into the life of Mahomet, he examines the Koran and refutes it; in the third he develops the notions of natural law and the principles of right accepted by all religions; finally in the fourth book he indicates the means to be employed to lead the pagans, Turks, and Jews to the Christian religion.

Also the discoveries of Cortes are shown on an island labelled Terra Cortesa. The knight reports in time and leaves the subterranean abode on the th day. Antwerp, Martin Nucio, I 50 Harrisse p. Fine large woodcut on the reverse of title showing St. On 2a and 69b a large woodcut of a hand holding a sphere.

Pizarro, however, sent out Captain Villegas, who met Zarate on the way, arrested him, took away his commission, confiscated his provisions, and imprisoned him at Huarochiri. Sergio Mattoscio Download PDF — Free E-Book Download Yet the ship remaining in exactly the same position, the same eye when looking from the top of the mast will have a clear view of the mark on the shore. Title within qvery border.

The items in this Catalogue are arranged chronologically. Fine copy of one of the rarest books on Brazil, and hardly known at all. Benefitting by these advantages, Frederick W. Related Posts


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