What a beautiful romance! Sports romance with the most gorgeous MCs. That way we feel we can be completely open to the book; a blank slate so to say, willing to absorb the story and character without any preconceived notions. At Her Feet was a book that we picked up because its cover looked like a sassy, urban romance which would have fun dialogues.

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Unlike watching a movie, a book allows you to immerse yourself in a new and unfamiliar world. You get to imagine the characters of the novel as you live vicariously through them. Of course, a touch of erotica only serves to make any novel more interesting. Throughout the novel, Caton finds herself becoming drawn to her new boss, the seductively beautiful Amelia. At Her Feet by Rebekah Weatherspoon This modern novel tackles the dangers and the excitement of finding sexual thrills online. At Her Feet is about Suzanne, a young digital marketing whiz who is casually looking for a quick online fling.

She then meets Mami-P, an intriguing dominatrix looking for a good time. What seems like a casual online tryst then becomes an erotic BDSM adventure that upends her life.

Emily Parker is the quintessential control freak who has been celibate for too long. She then decides to hire the services of Nat, a high-class escort who specializes in pleasing women. Their regular trysts then turn into something more than they could have imagined. Seasons of Love by Harper Bliss Lovers of May-December lesbian porn will love this romantic tale of a holiday romance.

Alice is a career woman who enjoys her quiet yet highly disciplined lifestyle. Her business partner, Miranda, then urges her to take a vacation in Portugal. The two then engage in a passionate holiday romance that is cut short when Alice must return to London. Celebrity Pass by Camryn Eyde What happens when the celebrity of your dreams fulfills your deepest fantasies?

Cass is a reporter having the worst day of her life. Hot Line by Alison Grey Hot Line is a novella that shows just how two completely different people can find lust and love in the modern world. Linda is a psychologist who is accustomed to distancing herself from intimate relationships.

When she phones a sex hotline, she is greeted by the sultry Christina, a young woman working odd jobs to make ends meet. The two strike up an erotic conversation that might just spill over into the real world.

The Club by A. Brooks Anything goes at The Club! This anthology series tells the stories of various women who engage in all sorts of romps at a famed nightclub. Exciting, scintillating, and difficult to put down, this novel is perfect for those looking for some quick lesbian porn literature. Unwind with these sensual erotic novels and find yourself transported into a new and exciting world! Copyright Invade Everything This website uses cookies to improve your experience.


Lesbian Reading Room

Their relationship is the perfect refuge from her stressful job in digital marketing, soothing away the strain of long hours spent catering to unreasonable clients. But when work and kink collide, can her relationship with Pilar withstand the pressure? Her occasional flashes of insecurity and vulnerability make her relatable and reinforce how much she cares for Suzanne and her wellbeing. I backed away and vowed never to read anything like that again. Everything between Pilar and Suzanne is consensual, they talk about limits before they start to play together, and they regularly check in to discuss how things are going.


At Her Feet

During the day she is an up and coming digital marketing executive, holding down a stressful job, managing complex projects and handling difficult clients. As they begin to explore a contract it soon becomes clear that they have the potential to form much more than a short-term connection. We all have very different responses to erotica; some love it, some are revolted by it. If you like mild BDSM you will love this book.

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