Initial dispositions[ edit ] The battle began with the Persians already present at the battlefield. Darius had recruited the finest cavalry from his Eastern satrapies and from allied Scythian tribes[ clarification needed ] and deployed scythed chariots , for which he had ordered bushes and vegetation removed from the battlefield to maximise their effectiveness. He also had 15 Indian elephants supported by Indian chariots. The reason might have been fatigue. He was surrounded by, on his right, the Carian cavalry, Greek mercenaries and Persian horse guards. On both flanks were the cavalry.

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He planned to head further east and raise another army to face Alexander, assuming that the Greeks would head towards Babylon. File:Batalla de Gaugamela M. Views View Edit History. This second line consisted of mostly mercenaries. There they were to pull off a holding maneuver while Alexander landed the decisive blow from the right. I, the copyright holder of this work, hereby publish it under the following licenses: Alexander then ordered Aristo at the head of the Paeonians and Grecian auxiliaries to attack the Scythians, and the barbarians gave way.

By then, however, the battle had been decided in the center by Alexander himself. While holding on the left, a gap had opened up between the left and center of the Macedonian phalanx, due to Gaugxmela brigade of pezhetairoi being unable to follow Alexander in his decisive attack, as they were being hard-pressed. Ivory relief sculpted in the 18th century by an anonymous author. Permission Reusing this file. OpenStreetMap — Google Earth. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Inv jpg — Wikimedia Commons Parmenion was stationed on the left with the ThessaliansGreek abtalla and Thracian cavalry. The Hypaspists and the armed grooms of the cavalry then attacked and eliminated these survivors.

The prisoners told the Macedonians that Darius was not far away, with his encampment near Gaugamela. At the same time he dispatched letters to his eastern satraps asking them to remain loyal. Quintus Curtius Rufus The descriptions given by other historians of the third negotiation attempt are similar to the account of Diodorus, but differ in details. National Archaeological Museum of Spain. Alexander prevailed, however, and Mazaeus also began to pull his forces back as Bessus had.

On both flanks were the cavalry. Warfare in the Classical World. Baatalla all coordinates using: According to Arrianthe most reliable historian of Alexander who is believed to be relying on the work of the eyewitness Ptolemyhis forces numbered 7, cavalry and 40, infantry. The Persians also who were riding round the wing were gaugamlea with alarm when Aretes made a vigorous attack upon them. Related Posts


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