Plot[ edit ] Ramachandran aka Ram Vijay Sethupathi is a travel photographer. He visits his high school and is overcome by memories. So, a reunion is arranged through their school WhatsApp group. In , Ram and Jaanu have been friends and classmates in 10th grade. Jaanu is a talented singer.

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Kazigore Programjing event was very well received by the crowd and proved to be a stepping stone for more such endeavors to come. We are deeply honored to have organized an event for him! The Interactive sessions with Mr. While he transports the audience almost effortlessly to a dreamland of HACKING, what the general public misses out on is his love and dedication for his art, his professionalism with a personal touch, his down proramming earth nature and so many other finer details.

Download Batch file programming -By Premkumar. S Black Hack: We feel immense pleasure to start our club activities with a huge feedback of appreciation and acknowledgement — Rtr.

It was a rude shock to note that how unsecured we are in the digital world. The workshop was very beneficial for the participants and bach communication skills of Mr. He redefined the difference between Hackers and Crackers for the audience.

Aside from the zeal of the participants, the discipline and decorum with which Ankit Fadia conducted the workshop was class A in all senses. In a nutshell, his session played vital role in making the event as one of the most memorable events. Ankit Fadia is a role model for all youngsters out there. But it no more is a terror to face any criminal online The lectures were excellent. Official Website of Ankit Fadia.

The question-answer session was quite a hit! Fadia while the session, the students programmng every bit of information which was given by him; they excitingly tried these tricks on their own laptops and PCs.

There were so many things in the IT sector which were always there but thanks to you we got to explore them in new ways. The bestselling author Ankit Fadia is a tech junkie who loves tinkering with computers, gadgets and everything tech.

Being the celebrity that he is, his no-fuss and easy going attitude was quite a surprise! We had people coming in from various parts of India for vadia workshop. We wish him all the very best in his endeavors. Be it his knowledge in the subject, or his behavior with participants and organizers alike! This is estimated to grow to over 77, in India andworldwide in next couple of years. He made his sessions interactive and brought up scenarios and examples that kept the people at the edge of their seats.

Programmng Fadia conducted the gadia which was obliged by a overwhelming response of participants. Overall Awesome, Informative, interesting, Interactive session Great experience We were stunned and absolutely spell bound during the entire workshop having to know the various hacking techniques and also realizing the fact that using internet without any security can be very dangerous too.

Ankit Fadia to conduct the workshop Learn Online from Anywhere. His teaching style is very fxdia. The sheer presence of Mr. We are very eagerly looking forward to Mr. We recommend you to go through pdogramming Privacy Policy. All the trainer presentation skills, knowledge on the topics, subject matter expertise and ability to respond to queries was excellent. You can try logging in. By continuing to use our website, you consent to the use of these cookies. Ankit Fadia was the most exciting guest speaker we had during our Education Year.

Ankit Fadia That itself speaks of the magnitude of success it was. Useful for all especially for IT background. It was a welcome change for the crowd to be addressed by a young and successful professional like Mr. All the participants of the course have got immensely benefited from your presentation and graded it 4.

He was very sharp in his speech and the main thing about him was that he is very punctual in timings. Widely recognized as a computer security expert, he has published 16 books, delivered more progeamming talks in 25 countries, received several awards and trained more than 20, people in India and China. Never the program,ing, the workshop was pretty good. His real life examples made the students understand the concept very well. Learn online on the Internet from anywhere.

Our Young audience was fascinated and motivated to achieve something of same level in their lives. My Story The bestselling author Ankit Fadia is a tech junkie who loves tinkering with computers, programmig and everything tech. This workshop is one of the best if not the best workshop I have attended. He speaks the language of the gen next and leaves a great impression Related Posts.


Batch File Programming

EXE shell works. COM"; in those days it was effectively the only way to run programs, navigate through directories, create or delete directories, delete or copy files, and so on. These days, such tasks are usually done with the Windows Desktop and Windows Explorer. To tinker with CMD. EXE icon to get a popup menu with a "Copy" entry near the bottom. In any case, once copied, paste a shortcut to CMD.


Download Batch File Programming - By Premkumar. S.pdf



Batch File Programming


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