Heute haben wir den Bisher immer noch keine Reaktion der Deutschen Bahn Ich habe mehrmals, vom Erst nachdem eine Mitarbeiterin der Rezeption der Kurklinik am Ich habe bis abends Uhr vergeblich auf die Zustellung gewartet.

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Akinohn Each child between 2 and 5 years of age must be accompanied by a person aged 16 or older. Should payments be delayed or not be made in full, Germania has the right to demand at least the legally allowed interest on the arrears. To meet its pre-boarding safety requirements, Germania recommends that all passengers arrive at the check-in counter no later than 90 minutes prior to the planned time of departure. To comply with applicable security requirements set out in international, EU or national laws or stipulated by the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation, Germania reserves the right to demand that disabled passengers and passengers with reduced mobility who are unable to take care of themselves adequately on board the aircraft be accompanied by a person able to provide the required assistance.

Wie haben Sie Ihr Reiseziel erreicht? Payment is due upon booking. All travelers are responsible on their own to arrive in time at the airport. Checked baggage will be handed over to the passengers at the airport indicated on the baggage tag. Countries other than Switzerland and EU countries have adopted the same or similar regulations. Otherwise, the legal venue conforms to the statutory conditions. Ban compliance with the instructions of the cabin crew, the accompanying adult must use the seat directly next to the CRS and is responsible for correctly attaching the CRS to the seat as well as for securing the infant with the CRS.

In addition, passengers will be offered alternative carriage to the final destination of their booked flight. In commercial transactions the legal venue is Berlin. Please ensure that the beschweerdeformular and second names of the passenger have been spelled correctly within your seat reservation. The date of receipt of the letter at Germania is determining. Passengers are not entitled to claim a reduction in airfare in compensation for damaged, lost, destroyed or delayed baggage.

In case of change in flights the fare increases by the difference of the original fare and the actual fare if the actual fare is higher.

If the performing airline is not identical to the contractual airline, the passenger can direct their report or claim for compensation to any of the two businesses. Furhtermore the passenger shall present himself at beschwereeformular 25 minutes — for flights to and from Lebanon, Israel, Iran and Iraq at latest beschwerdeformluar minutes — prior to departure at the boarding gate.

Passengers are not entitled to such compensation when they are denied boarding for justified reasons including personal health, general or operational safety or inadequate travel documents. In such cases, a child fare must be paid for the seat and the infant has to be secured in a certified child restraint system.

Informationen zur Datenschutz-Grundverordnung Any baggage containing sports equipment as well as clothes or other luggage will be charged by Germania as sports baggage. In some countries taxes and other fees can be demanded directly from the passenger by authorities or airlines. For more information, please contact the Germania Service Center at servicecenter germania.

Sports baggage needs to be packed up and checked- in separately from other checked- in baggage. It is only allowed to pack up sports equipment in the sports baggage. The services and prices confirmed with the booking apply. The general booking and travel terms and conditions of the flight tour operators also apply. Change in booking or name changes can only be initiated by the contracting person.

If required and reasonable, Germania can remove the passenger from the aircraft; refuse carriage on connecting flights at any location or on all routes. In the event of damage to checked baggage, the passenger must file a report in writing within seven days, for delayed baggage within 21 days after it has been provided to them.

All special and excess baggage must be registered with the Germania Service Center by e-mail servicecenter germania. The latest time which flights with free seats available can be booked is 2 hours before the time of departure. In any case, child restraint systems are notifiable in advance. Die Schlichtungsstelle kann das Schlichtungsverfahren erst dann bearbeiten, wenn Sie sich hinsichtlich Ihres Anliegens zuvor an das Verkehrsunternehmen gewendet haben.

Passengers banh arrive at the check-in counter at a time that enables them to complete check-in and be in possession of a boarding pass no later than 45 minutes prior to the booked time of departure. Terms of Carriage of Germania Fluggesellschaft mbH. For security and space reasons, animals only will be transported if registered in advance by e-mail servicecenter germania.

The amount of such compensation will depend of the length of the scheduled route and the alternative carriage offered. Payment in installments is not possible. The airline is liable for damages through the delay in transportation of baggage unless all reasonable measures were taken in order to deutschf damages or taking these measures was impossible. The same applies to passengers with impaired vision traveling accompanied by an assisting beschwerdefformular.

For use in aircraft are particularly suitable:. The costs arising thereof have to be beared by the passenger and will not be refunded by Germania.

Cancellation is not possible after departure. If the name or code of an airline is indicated in the flight ticket this is the contractual airline. TOP Related Posts.


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Beschreibung, warum eine Beschwerde Ihrer Meinung nach gerechtfertigt ist. Formulare und Meldungen. Bitte beachten Sie dazu unsere Hinweise. Geben Sie uns Feedback! Sie erhalten dann schneller eine Antwort auf Ihre Beschwerde Beschwerdeformular. Sie haben eine Beschwerde? Beschwerde Bahn.

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