Page 7 K eep your hands on the support handlebars and stand as close to the front of the machine as is comfortable in order to remain in balance on the treadles. N ever convert from or into treadmill mode while the belts are in motion or the machine is powered up. Turn off power, unplug cord from wall outlet, line up the treadles, and then lock or release the treadle locking lever.

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It is the sole responsibility of the owner to ensure that regular maintenance is performed. Helpful Hints Read all maintenance instructions thoroughly before beginning work.

In some cases, an assistant is required to perform the necessary tasks. And it gives your workout area a clean, finished look. Your new machine will require minor assembly. Refer to the Assembly Guide section of this manual for details. For more information on this accessory and other Bowflex products available from Nautilus, Inc. Keep the unit clean by dusting regularly. Be sure to dust the exposed part of the deck on either side of the walking belts and also the side rails.

Clean the top of the belt with a damp, soapy cloth and wipe carefully and thoroughly with a dry cloth. Be careful to keep liquid away from inside the base frame and beneath the belts. Always use a silicone-based lubricant.

Let the belts run for approximately 15 seconds. Take care to wipe up any excess lubricant from the treadles and your rubber floor mat. We also recommend a periodic inspection of the treadle surfaces under the belts.

NOTE: To reduce the possibility of slipping, be sure the treadle area is free from grease or oil. Wipe off any excess oil from the machine surfaces.

Inspecting 1. Inspect the frame for any rust, bubbling, or paint chips during the weekly cleaning. The salt in perspiration can damage the unpainted surfaces. Inspect the belts for excessive wear during lubrication. Adjust the belt tension if necessary.

The total whole hours used will be displayed in the TIME display window. No fractions of, or partial hours will be displayed. The display will only be visible for seconds.

There are two handles for lifting on the back of the base and two wheels on either side of the front of the base beneath the console. Failure to follow precautions could result in physical injury to you, or damage to the machine, or both. You can make the assembly process go faster by gathering the pieces you need for each step prior to starting the step.

You may find the use of a utility knife or scissors beneficial during the unpacking and assembly process. To determine if your outlet or circuit breaker is GFI, look for a test and reset button on them. If they have the test and reset button it is a GFI outlet or circuit breaker.


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