When Camelot began rehearsals, it still needed considerable work. The curtain came down at twenty minutes to one in the morning; Lerner later noted that "Only Tristan and Isolde equaled it as a bladder endurance contest. Soon afterwards, Lerner was hospitalised for three weeks with a bleeding ulcer. Soon after he was discharged, Hart suffered his second heart attack, and Lerner stepped in as temporary director for the rest of the out-of-town run. Camelot then moved to Boston, edited, but still running well over the intended length.

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A light snow falls. The great, burnt-out tree is now resplendent with snow. The carriage has stopped. Someone is getting out. The horses are pure white. Its plainly a bridal carriage. Gueneveres carriage has halted below the hill. What should we do? Sound the trumpet, assemble the court and march to the bottom. A brand new tradition!

Happy now? We shall meet Lady Guenevere at the foot of the hillin the traditional fashion. Admits angrily Yes! Fairly shouting in rage Right! Painfully Please! Having working himself into a lather of furious frustration, he climbs back up the tree MUSIC starts For a second the stage is bare.

SHE exits. A moment later SHE returns, looking behind her as if having seen someone unwelcome. Looking around like a frightened rabbit, SHE seats herself at the foot of the tree, clasps her hands and looks heavenward.

Why must I suffer this squalid destiny? Just when I reach the golden age of eligibility and wooability. Is my fate determined by love and courtship? Oh, no. How cruel! How unjust! Am I never to know the joys of maidenhood? The conventional, ordinary, garden variety joys of maidenhood? Dont run. SHE stops in the corner of the stage and looks at him coweringly Please! I wont harm you. Youll leap at me and throw me to the ground. HE takes a step toward her, she takes a step back.

I swear to it! By the Sword Excalibur! I swear I wont touch you. Sudden rage How dare you insult me in this fashion. Do my looks repel you? Youre beautiful. Were alone. Im completely defenseless. What kind of cad are you? Apologize at once. Im not certain what Ive done, but from the depths of my heart, I apologize. I think I know. You heard me praying. You prayed rather loudly. Youre afraid because I may be your queen. That accounts for your respectful, polite, despicable behavior.

And as for what to do with you, Im at a lost. I know you are to be queen and I should escort you back to your carriage. At the same time, youre a maiden in genuine distress.

Its chivalry versus country. I cant quite determine which call to obey. Soon all of Camelot will be searching for me. At least that will be exciting.

Unless, of course, everyone in Camelot is like you and they all go home to deliberate. He usually senses when I need him and appears.

Why does he fail me now? My teacher. He would know immediately what do to. Im not accomplished at thinking, so I have Merlyn do it for me.

Hes the wisest man alive. He lives backwards. He doesnt age. He youthens. He can remember the future, so he can tell you what youll be doing in it.

You understand? SHE comes toward him. HE never takes his eyes off her. Hes smitten. But if you mean hes some sort of fortune-teller, Id give a year in Paradise to know mine. I could never return to my own castle, and I absolutely refuse to go on to that one. My only choice isdont stare. Its rude. Who are you? What a ridiculous name. Are you sure you heard them properly? It was given to me when I was a boy. And I didnt think I would like anyone in Camelot.

Imagine riding seven hours in a carriage on the verge of hysteria, then seeing that horrible castle rising in the distance, and running away; then having a man plop from a tree like some overripe appleyou must admit for my first day away from home its quite a plateful.

If only I were not alone. Wart, why dont you. Run away with you? As my protector. Naturally I would be brutalized by strangers. I expect that. But it would be dreadful if there were no one to rescue me. Think of it! We can travel the world. France, Scotland, Spain. What a dream you spin. Whom else can I turn to? Theres not much time. Camelot is unique. We have an enchanted forest with an invisible castle.

Most unusual. We have a talking owl named Archmides. Highly original. We have unicorns with silver feet.


Camelot Libretto (Minus Prologue)

The synopsis below may give away important plot points. Synopsis During the opening credits, like the Broadway production, the studio orchestra plays a potpourri overture that features the "Camelot March" and the title song. The action begins in early morning darkness as a chorus sings a few lines from "Guenevere. Before a battle begins at dawn with Lancelot Franco Nero and his Joyous Gard knights, Arthur, talking as much to himself as to Merlyn, tries to determine where he went wrong. Merlyn appears and urges the mighty King to think back to one of the most important days of his life. Almost all of the rest of the film is a flashback. It first flashes back to Arthur as a youngster Nicholas Beauvy ; he is walking in the woods in the early morning when he encounters Merlyn, who calls Arthur "Wart.


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