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So, if this is so easy, why do people ever use the CFLoop tag and then lament the lack of the Group attribute? Well, a lot of the time, using the CFOutput tag to output a query is simply not convenient.

The CFoutput tag is used to process output in general. As such, we are often faced with situations in which a query loop is already in the context of a CFOutput tag. A query driven cfoutput tag is nested inside a cfoutput tag that also has a query attribute. This is not allowed. Nesting these tags implies that you want to use grouped processing. However, only the top-level tag can specify the query that drives the processing. In such a situation, a ColdFusion query-of-queries can be used to produce the same grouped output.

Now, as much as this might seem like the "fall-back" choice, I would argue that the query-of-query approach is actually much more enjoyable. When we use the CFOutput Group attribute, we do get implicit sub-grouping. But, we get nothing else. The query-of-query approach, on the other hand, requires more code for sure, but is, in my opinion, almost always a more enjoyable, flexible, powerful option.

But, if you can detach yourself from the notion that lines of code is an indicator of quality, perhaps you can enjoy the fact that the code is much more insightful. Not only do we get the same grouping as above; but, this time, we know how many singers there are, how many songs each artist has sung, and we can properly number the songs within the sub-groups: Bob Marley [3 Songs]:.


Outputting a ColdFusion query dynamically



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