Although, in calling this plane the heaven-world, we distinctly intend to imply that it contains the reality which underlies all the best and most spiritual ideas of heaven which have been propounded in various religions, yet it must by no means be considered from that point of view only. It is a realm of nature. It is only our lack of development, only the limitation imposed upon us by this robe of flesh, that prevents us from fully realizing that all the glory of the highest heaven is about us here and now [page 2], and that influences flowing from that world are ever playing upon us if we will only understand and receive them. Impossible as this may seem to the man of the world, it is the plainest of realities to the occultist; and to those who have not yet grasped this fundamental truth we can but repeat the advice given by the Buddhist teacher:— " Do not complain and cry and pray, but open your eyes and see. The light is all about you, if you would only cast the bandage from your eyes and look. It is so wonderful, so beautiful, so far beyond what any man has dreamt of or prayed for, and it is for ever and for ever.

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Clairvoyance in time: the past. Clairvoyance in time: the future. Methods of development. He will find that to gain such perfect control of thought is enormously more difficult than he supposes, but when he attains it, it cannot but be in every way most beneficial to him, and as he grows more and more able to elevate and concentrate his thought, he may gradually find that new worlds are opening before his sight.

Besant and C. Professor Robert Ellwood wrote that from to Leadbeater undertook a course of meditation practice "which awakened his clairvoyance. It is equivalent to saying that "the astral consciousness and memory became continuous," whether the physical body was awake or asleep. Not only can he review at his leisure all history with which we are acquainted, correcting as he examines it the many errors and misconceptions which have crept into the accounts handed down to us; he can also range at will over the whole story of the world from its very beginning.

Second edition of the book was published in , and third—in Leadbeater acknowledged that he had given this advice to a few boys approaching maturity who came to him for help. He commented, "I know that the whole question of sex feelings is the principal difficulty in the path of boys and girls, and very much harm is done by the prevalent habit of ignoring the subject and fearing to speak of it to young people.

The first information about it should come from parents or friends, not from servants or bad companions. The Society held proceedings against him in Annie Besant, elected president of the Society in , later stated in his defense: "The so-called trial of Mr Leadbeater was a travesty of justice. He nevertheless resigned. Readmission to the Theosophical Society[ edit ] After Olcott died in , Annie Besant became president of the society following a political struggle.

He accepted and came to Adyar on 10 February At the time, Besant referred to Leadbeater as a martyr who was wronged by her and by the Theosophical Society, saying that "never again would a shadow come between her and her brother Initiate". Leadbeater believed Krishnamurti to be a suitable candidate for the "vehicle" of the World Teacher , a reputed messianic entity [48] whose imminent appearance he and many Theosophists were expecting. The proclaimed savior would then usher in a new age and religion.

Alcyone was a female in eleven of them. During the late s, Krishnamurti disavowed the role that Leadbeater and other Theosophists expected him to fulfil.

He was responsible for the construction of the Star Amphitheatre at Balmoral Beach in While in Australia he became acquainted with J. Wedgwood , a Theosophist and bishop in the Liberal Catholic Church who initiated him into Co-Masonry in and later consecrated him as a bishop of the Liberal Catholic Church in Leadbeater took up residence there as the director of a community of Theosophists.

The Manor became a major site and was regarded as "the greatest of occult forcing houses". They included Clara Codd, future President of the Theosophical Society in America , clairvoyant Dora van Gelder , another future President of the Theosophical Society in America who during the s also worked with Delores Krieger to develop the technique of Therapeutic touch , and Mary Lutyens, who would later write an authorized Krishnamurti biography.

The Manor became one of three major Theosophical Society sites, the others being at Adyar and the Netherlands. The Theosophical Society bought The Manor in and during created The Manor Foundation Ltd, to own and administer the house, which is still used by the Society. The work represents an adaptation of the Roman Catholic liturgy of his time, for which Leadbeater sought to remove what he regarded as undesirable elements, such as in his view the blatant anthropomorphisms and expressions of the fear and wrath of God, which he regarded "as derogatory alike to the idea of a loving Father and to the men He has created in His own image.

We hold the Fatherhood of God, the Brotherhood of man; we know that we do serve Him best when best we serve our brother man.

So shall His blessing rest upon us and peace for evermore. In his prologue to the latest edition of this book, John Kersey refers to the Eucharist proposed by Leadbeater as "a radical reinterpretation of the context of the Eucharist seen within a theological standpoint of esoteric magic and universal salvation; it is Catholicism expressing the love of God to the full without the burdens of needless guilt and fear, and the false totem of the temporal powers of the church.

In a large number of instances it was a blank — "either there was no evidence worth mentioning, or the ghost declined to appear when he was wanted. I looked down to the feet of the table; they were about six inches from the carpet, and no human foot was touching them or near them! I passed my own foot underneath, but there was certainly nothing there—nothing physically perceptible, at any rate.

Histories contained in this book were for him very interested, but "its real fascination lay in the glimpses which it gave of a wonderful system of philosophy and of a kind of inner science which really seemed to explain life rationally and to account for many phenomena," which Leadbeater has watched.

He had written to Sinnett, who invited him to come to London in order to meet. He had asked him why the Society discriminates against members according to the cloth. Sinnett replied: "Well, you see, we are in the habit of discussing every subject and every belief from the beginning, without any preconceptions whatever; and I am afraid that at our meetings you would be likely to hear a great deal that would shock you profoundly.

He was joined into the Theosophical Society together with professor Crookes and his wife. On that day at the Lodge meeting "have been some two hundred people present," including such as professor Myers , Stainton Moses and others. She sat listening to the wrangling on the platform for a few minutes, and then began to exhibit distinct signs of impatience.

The stately and dignified Mohini came rushing down that long room at his highest speed, and as soon as he reached the passage threw himself incontinently flat on his face on the floor at the feet of the lady in black. Many people arose in confusion, not knowing what was happening; but a moment later Mr.

Sometimes Leadbeater heard from her very unpleasant revelations about those with whom she spoke. She always had something to say, and it was never empty talk. She traveled a lot, and mostly on little-known places, and did not forget anything. She has been remembering even the most insignificant cases that had happened to her.

She was a wonderful storyteller, who knew how to give a good story and make the right impression. She always had something new, striking, interesting, unusual to tell us.

Her absolute genuineness was one of the most prominent features of her marvellously complex character. In this letter the author "with all reverence" wrote that ever since he had first heard of theosophy his one desire had been to place himself under Master as a chela pupil. He offered to work for a few months at Adyar to see, may Leadbeater to be as a servant of the headquarters, and added a significant remark: "He who would shorten the years of probation has to make sacrifices for theosophy.

I answer: you have the making of your own future, in your own hands as shown above, and every day you may be weaving its woof. If I were to demand that you should do one thing or the other, instead of simply advising, I would be responsible for every effect that might flow from the step and you acquire but a secondary merit.

Think, and you will see that this is true. So cast the lot yourself into the lap of Justice, never fearing but that its response will be absolutely true. Chelaship is an educational as well as probationary stage and the chela alone can determine whether it shall end in adeptship or failure.

Chelas from a mistaken idea of our system too often watch and wait for orders, wasting precious time which should be taken up with personal effort. Our cause needs missionaries, devotees, agents, even martyrs perhaps.

But it cannot demand of any man to make himself either. He hoped to send his answer with the help of Blavatsky.

He said he wanted to quit his priesthood career and go to India, fully dedicating himself to a serving the Masters. She warned that he need to stay close to her until he get an answer. The sooner you go the better. Do not lose one day more than you can help. Sail on the 5th if possible.

Join Upasika [note 20] at Alexandria. Let no one know that you are going, and may the blessing of our Lord and my poor blessing shield you from every evil in your new life. Greeting to you, my new chela. The author writes that she believed that since he was a Christian priest, his public demonstration of Buddhism could convince both Hindus and Buddhists of the honesty of his intentions and would allow him to become more useful for the mahatmas.

Leadbeater ate every day porridge from wheat flakes, which he brewed himself, also he was being brought milk and bananas. He was near a balustrade which "running along the front of the house at the edge of the roof" when the Master "materialized," stepping over the balustrade, as if before that he had been flying through the air.

Leadbeater says: "Naturally I rushed forward and prostrated myself before Him; He raised me with a kindly smile, saying that though such demonstrations of reverence were the custom among the Indian peoples, He did not expect them from His European devotees, and He thought that perhaps there would be less possibility of any feeling of embarrassment if each nation confined itself to its own methods of salutation.

One day when Kuthumi "honoured" him with a visit, he asked whether Leadbeater had ever attempted "a certain kind of meditation connected with the development of the mysterious power called kundalini. Yet Kuthumi recommended him to make a "few efforts along certain lines," and told him that he would himself "watch over those efforts to see that no danger should ensue. He was told that on average it would take forty days, if he do it constantly and vigorously.

And Leadbeater claims that he will forever remain an obligor to these "two great people" — Djwal Khul and Subba Row — for all the help which they gave him "at this critical stage" of his life. His writings on the sacraments and Christian esotericism remain popular, with a constant stream of new editions and translations of his magnum opus The Science of the Sacraments. His liturgy book is still used by many Liberal and Independent Catholic Churches across the world.


Theosophical World Resources

The object of this manual is to collect and make some attempt to arrange this scattered information, and also to supplement it slightly in cases where new facts have come to our knowledge. It must be understood that any such additions are only the result of the investigations of a few explorers, and must not, therefore, be taken as in any way authoritative, but are given simply for what they are worth. On the other hand every precaution in our power has been taken to ensure accuracy, no fact, old or new, being admitted to this manual unless it has been confirmed by the testimony of at least two independent trained investigators among ourselves, and has also been passed as correct by older students whose knowledge on these points is necessarily much greater than ours. It is hoped, therefore, that this account of the astral plane, [2] though it cannot be considered as quite complete, may yet be found reliable as far as it goes.


Astral Plane

Although the poverty of physical language forces us to speak of these sub-planes as higher and lower, we must not fall into the mistake of thinking of them or indeed of the greater planes of which they are only subdivisions as separate localities in space — as lying above one another like the shelves of a book-case or outside one another like the coats of an onion. It must be understood that the matter of each plane or sub-plane interpenetrates that of the plane or sub-plane below it, so that here at the surface of the earth all exist together in the same space, although it is true that the higher varieties of matter extend further away from the physical earth than the lower. Yet there is a point of view from which there is a certain justification for the use of the terms "higher" and "lower", and for the comparison of the planes and sub-planes to concentric shells. Matter of all the sub-planes is to be found here on the surface of the earth, but the astral plane is much larger than the physical, and extends some thousands of miles above its surface. The law of gravitation operates on astral matter, and if it were possible for it to be left entirely undisturbed it would probably settle into concentric shells. But the earth is in perpetual motion, both of rotation and revolution, and all kinds of influences and forces are continually rushing about, so this ideal [16] condition of rest is never attained, and there is much intermingling. Nevertheless it remains true that the higher we rise the less of the denser matter do we find.

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