Complete DA Form DA Form is used to transmit sponsorship requirements to gaining commands. It is completed by the departing Soldier during initial reassignment interview or by the civilian employee following selection notification and acceptance of a position. The completed form will be forwarded from - The losing activity to the gaining Army Command or activity. The unit of assignment or supervisor to the sponsor.

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DA Form , Sponsorship Program Counseling and Information Sheet is a document used for transmitting sponsorship requirements to gaining commands. The form is filed by departing soldiers and civilian employees following the initial reassignment interview and acceptance notification respectively. The December revision of the form is actual and in use today - an up-to-date fillable DA Form is available for download below.

The Total Army Sponsorship Program or the TASP was established to provide the structure and foundation for units to welcome and prepare soldiers, civilian employees and their family members when relocating into and out of their commands. The core aim of the program to assist newcomers with adjusting to their new conditions and help them get to their duties faster.

Those interested in applying to the Army Sponsorship Program should participate in the following: Soldiers and civilian employees must file DA Form to transmit their requirements to the reassignment unit.

Officers will receive a welcome letter from their battalion or activity commander, enlisted Soldiers will be sent a letter from their command sergeant major and civilian employees will receive welcome letters from a commander or activity director. ACS will then provide relocation readiness services, such as counseling, pre-move destination information, and orientation briefings. Welcome packets are provided upon request.

These packets are preferably obtained by the new arrival rather than mailed to the location from where they are departing. When possible, the sponsor will plan a reception for the incoming soldier or civilian and their family upon arrival.

The sponsor must help the new soldier or civilian employee get to know their new unit and community, organize a visit to ACS and host a formal orientation briefing. The sponsor may but is not obligated to assist the newcomers with in-processing. The Installation Management Agency will ensure that garrison support is provided to unit commanders while providing everything else required by the sponsorship program.

The form consists of several Sections - you must complete Sections 1 through 5 to submit the form. Section 1 requires you to confirm that you have received the required counseling on the Total Army Sponsorship Program. Section 2 features the arrival information that will assist the gaining unit with fulfilling your needs. Enter your rank and name, contact information and date of arrival. This section also requires the soldier to provide their marital status and list all accompanying family members along with their names, age, sex and relationship to the person filing the form.

Sections 3 and 4 cover all details on the gaining and losing unit or activity. Section 5 is for family considerations. The soldier must list any spousal employment and child care requirements, housing preferences, school enrollment assistance and any other additional needs that need to be covered by the TASP.

Once all fields are complete, check all the information and if everything is correct, save the form. The completed form is then forwarded from: The losing activity to the gaining Army Command or activity. The unit of assignment or supervisor to the sponsor. The gaining ACOM or activity to the unit of assignment or supervisor for civilian employees.


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DA Form 5434 "Sponsorship Program Counseling and Information Sheet"



Total Army Sponsorship Program



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