Migal The computer recognizes most cards and automatically loads the appropriate device driver. The connectors are keyed to ensure correct insertion. Unhook the latch spring from the display latch, and then lift away the latch. The file icon appears on your desktop and is titled the same as the downloaded BIOS update file. Error Messages For more information, go to support.

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Remove the modem see Modem. To avoid damaging the Mobile Broadband card, never place cables on top of or under the card. However, Dell recommends the following installation order: To avoid damaging the system board, you must remove the main battery before you begin working inside the computer.

Remove the display bezel see Removing the Display Bezel. Remove the eleven M2. Using the Keyboard and Touch Pad Got it, continue to print.

Enter text from picture: Keep the tray closed when you are not using the drive. Ground yourself and install the new memory module: To prevent data loss, ddell off your computer before removing the dll drive.

Low-battery Warning You can check battery health in one of two ways: Using A Battery Using an incompatible battery may increase the risk of fire or explosion. Setting Up and Using Networks Connecting a Network or Broadband Modem Manjal Before you connect your computer to a network, the computer must have a network adapter installed and a network cable connected to it. From the back of the computer, remove the two M2. Trademarks used in this text: Use your fingertips to carefully spread apart the dfll clips on each end of the memory module connector until the module pops up.

If the cover is difficult to close, remove the module and reinstall it. Slide the display latch toward the right side of the top cover and straight out. When the processor module is correctly seated, all four corners are aligned at the same height.

When you call AutoTech, use your touch-tone telephone to select the subjects that correspond to your questions. When installing the system board, ensure that you align the wireless switch on the base with the switch on the system board. System Restore does not monitor your data files or recover them. Manuall one should read the manuals? After replacing the system board, you must enter the computer Service Tag into the BIOS of the replacement system board.

Dell M manual Remove the four M2 x 3-mm screws from the left display-panel side bracket and lift away the bracket. Then shut down the computer, reinstall the hard drive, and restart the computer. Page 42 Reproduction in any manner whatsoever without the written permission of Dell Inc.

Microsoft Windows Xp If you choose a resolution or color palette that is higher than the display supports, the settings adjust automatically to the closest supported values. Most 10 Related.



Recommended Tools The procedures in this document may require manuzl following tools: Most antenna connectors have color-coded markings that correspond to the color of the cable. If the device security screw is not present, you can remove and install devices while the computer is running and connected to a docking device docked. Finding Information Documentation and drivers are already installed on your computer. Macrovision Product Notice 2 This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. Disconnect any telephone, network, and USB cables from the computer. Slide the battery out of the plastic sleeve.


Dell Precision HM328 Quick Reference Manual



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