This series which relies heavily on Faery lore but also includes demons, dragons, goblins, trolls, vampires, shapeshifters, and also pulls in magic creatures from other cultures is kick ass!! The race to retrieve the third spirit seal is on and Camille the witch will need every one of her allies to come out alive. This series has some serious sexual tension and Oh ho ho! This series has some serious sexual tension and flirts wildly with the boundary between mainstream and eroticism. Camille is in a Triad, and now the dragon she nicknamed Smoky is pursuing her for his mate!

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But being half-human, half-Fae short-circuits our talents at all the wrong times. And me? A crown-prince unicorn offers us a legendary gift, but it vanishes. Goblins and trolls swarm the streets of Seattle. And now Smoky, the sexiest dragon alive, decides to stake his claim--on me.

A new power is rising--a dangerous force from the past--one that intends to restore balance to the worlds I could feel it seeping in from under the door of the Indigo Crescent, my bookshop, as it wafted up to tickle the back of my throat. There was no mistaking the stuff-it was different from just about every other manifestation of Fae magic there was. Sparkling, the dust shimmered on the astral, hovering in that in-between place.

Not quite physical, not quite ethereal. And yet pixie magic had more affect on humans and the human realm than it did on anybody else. The fact that I could sense it all the way back in my office meant it came from a pixie with strong magic. The creatures usually gave me a wide berth, partly because I was half-Fae and partly because I was a witch. Pixies were born troublemakers, and they enjoyed every minute of it. I finished counting the receipts and tucked the money from the cash register into a strong box, hiding it in the bottom drawer of my desk.

So much for another slow day. The Indigo Crescent was having an off month. I gathered my purse and keys. My sister Delilah was already gone for the day. Glancing around my office to make sure everything was in order, I slipped on a light capelet. We were nearing the Vernal Equinox, and Seattle was still chilly and overcast. Roiling gray clouds seeded with fat, heavy raindrops had moved in from the ocean, opening up to splatter the sidewalks and roads.

Granted, the trees around the city were vibrant with budding leaves, and the moss gave off a rich, loamy scent, but spring in western Washington was a far cry from spring back in Otherworld.

By now, the skies over OW would be stained with thin rivulets of gold from the setting sun, creating a watercolor wash as they blended into the indigo of the approaching twilight.

Sighing, and a little bit homesick-memories were all we had of our home in OW right now-I set the alarm system and locked the door. If a group of them had moved into the neighborhood, all the shops would be in for trouble. As I turned toward the sidewalk, a whinny caught my attention, crowding out any idea of tracking down the wayward pixie.

I glanced up the street and froze. What the hell? A unicorn was heading my way. With a nonchalant bob of the head, the unicorn said, "Good evening, Lady Camille.

But no, he was still there. His coat shimmered with that silky, luminous white that only adorns magical creatures. Female unicorns have silver horns. The more I looked at him, the more he reminded me of something out of one of those ethereal perfume commercials-the ones where I was never sure just what they were advertising until they splashed the bottle on the screen and the announcer warbled something lame like, "Magic-experience the thrill.

He was still there. Clearing my throat, I was about to ask him what he was doing meandering through the streets of Seattle when a noise from up the street startled me.

As I turned, a goblin, a Sawberry Fae, and a bugbear emerged from a nearby alley and started our way. They looked pissed. I know, I know. A goblin, a Fae, and a bugbear wander into a bar where they meet this gorgeous wench with her boobs hanging out The goblin held up a blowgun and took aim at the unicorn.

The words were garbled. The threat was clear. Without a second thought-unicorns were dangerous and beautiful, but goblins were just dangerous and stupid-I closed my eyes and whispered a quick chant to the wind. My fingers tingled as a thick bolt of energy slammed through me, gathered from the gusts blowing steadily in an east-northeasterly direction. As the rippling force raced down my arms, I focused on forming it into a ball in my hands, then sent it tumbling toward the goblin.

A lot of my magic went haywire because of my half-Fae, half-human blood. Call it faulty wiring or even just plain old bad luck, but I was never quite sure when a spell would take, or if it would take right, or if it would slam out of me racing ninety miles an hour like an express train out of control. This go-round, the Moon Mother smiled on me and the spell held true.

The bolt hit the goblin square in the chest, knocking him off his feet before he could shoot his dart at the unicorn. I was getting pretty good! He licked his lips, drawing back the whip once more. I had the feeling this dude was enjoying himself just a little too much. Apparently the unicorn had taken notice of the fight. The gorgeous stallion galloped past me, horn lowered, and skewered the Fae in the shoulder, tossing him three feet into the air and five feet back.

The screaming man hit the sidewalk and lay there, bleeding like a stuck pig. The carnage continued as a speeding car screeched around the corner and ran over the bugbear. Flat as a pancake. The Porsche-at least it looked like a Porsche-sped off before I could get the license plate. I shrugged. I turned back to the mayhem on the sidewalk. The unicorn trotted over to my side. I glanced up into his face, mesmerized by the swirling vortex of colors in his eyes. Very pretty. And, unless I was off the mark, he looked a little bit pissed, too.

He nodded in the direction of the flattened bugbear. I could hear Chase now. He was going to just love getting my call. Cleaning up after a trio of Otherworld thugs was probably the last thing he wanted dumped on his plate. I let out a long sigh. Would you like to come in while I make the call? If unicorns could shrug, this one would have. You stand out in the crowd, my lady. How do you do? I did know that every unicorn coming out of the Windwillow Valley assumed Dahns as their surname.

The area was teeming with Cryptos, and there were rumors that huge herds of the horned beasts roamed the plains, nomads who migrated across the vast valley during the summer months. What about the pixie? Where did he go?

I noticed pixie dust a little while ago. He retrieved something from the bugbear that belonged to me. I grinned. As the unicorn cautiously stepped over the doorstop, he bobbed his head, a curious glint in his eye. Life in Seattle might be gloomy and wet, but nobody could ever convince me it was boring.


Dragon Wytch



Dragon Wytch (Sisters of the Moon Series #4)






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