Getty-Dubay Italic is somewhat similar to slant print in appearance, but letters are formed differently. This method has simple and clear letter forms with roots in calligraphy. Also, the writing instrument is lifted far less often than when writing with a broad-edged calligraphy pen. Getty-Dubay Italic letter forms for printing and cursive are basically identical, with entrance and exit strokes added to the printed forms for joining letters in cursive. This makes the transition from printing to cursive almost effortless. The books have full-color covers, and the print explaining lessons matches the Getty-Dubay Italic style.

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Requires iOS 8. Content will appear in landscape orientation on smaller iPads. For nearly 30 years, the authors Barbara Getty and Inga Dubay have been using this book to teach people — from medical professionals to fountain pen enthusiasts — how to have legible, handsome handwriting without the loops and curlicues of conventional cursive.

The app content takes you step-by-step through the printed italic alphabet lowercase and capitals and numbers, then onto joining these letters for flowing, legible cursive italic writing. The app also contains many pages of handwriting tips, guidelines, personal choices, and the history of handwriting. And the book walks its talk: it is completely handwritten by the authors. The app is simple to use. Turn pages, scroll, navigate and create bookmarks in the same way you would with an e-book.

The fun comes when you touch your stylus to the screen. Now you can select the color, width and opacity of your pen line. Trace and copy the handwriting models, reading the instructions and tips as you go. Erase your work and practice more by selecting the eraser icon to change the stylus function to erase mode, or by erasing you writing on the entire page at once.

There are extra practice sheets at the end of the book, too. On the On smaller iPads, pages will appear in landscape mode and scrolling will allow you to access the entire page. For pedagogical reasons, screen rotation and zooming are disabled. While you may experience improved handwriting after just a few sessions, most gains will come from repeated practice over time. As you use this app, try out your new handwriting on whiteboards, or with pen and paper for thank you notes and other correspondence.

To access the FREE online resources that come with this app: www.


Getty-Dubay Italic Handwriting Series, Books A-G

Store Free Handwriting and Copywork Printables Copywork is an easy way for your child to practice writing conventions and to also learn grammar and spelling while practicing handwriting. Feel free to download some free handwriting and copy work printables! Examples of the fonts we use We personally use Handwriting Without Tears with our lefty: Choose whichever "font" you prefer. Lines are sized the same as "wide rule" notebook paper, which is 1 cm tall. We have recently restructured our pages with the anticipation of many new copywork and handwriting printables being added for the next school year starting in the fall of


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