For Bulk Orders Call: Description and Reviews From The Publisher: There are countless personal and leadership development books full of jargon, fads, and buzzwords flooding the market. At home or in the workplace, change is an inevitable fact of life. How we choose to respond to it - as leaders or as followers - determines our personal and professional growth. Growing the Distance is about developing the leader within all of us. This helps us to continue "growing at the speed of change.

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How we choose to respond to it — as leaders or as followers — determines our personal and professional growth. What are my values? What is the purpose of my life? These are the questions at the center of our lives. Leaders take charge by accepting the consequences of their actions. It demands honesty and integrity. It goes beyond reputation and personality; it is a function of character. Of our lives?

Material success alone is not enough. Leaders seek within — and find something more. To grow and develop every day; to change ourselves — and to lead others in the process.

Whether at home or in the workplace, they energize people to motivate themselves. How about today? Where do I Want to Go?

Where am I Now? This book reflects the notion that to keep going, we need to keep growing. But grow toward what? The second key word distance talks to where it is that we want to grow.

This involves clarifying where we are now, defining where we want to be, and establishing the plans, processes, and skills to narrow the gap between our current and future state. In other words, establishing the distance we want to travel, and continually transforming and developing ourselves to get there. This book is very applicable to them. However, many of the intended readers of this book are not in leadership roles and at first glance, might easily feel that a book with that word in the title or subtitle is not applicable to them.

This first experience with a digital focus group was extremely positive and productive. In less than 7 days, we had input from nearly key people who represent a major audience for this book. Compared to mailed surveys, telephone interviews, or live focus groups, the digital focus group was extremely quick, convenient, and inexpensive. The voting patterns and many comments added to the returned e-mail messages really helped shape the final titles. The section quotations, stories or fables, and the main text are distinguished by three different fonts in distinct sections of the page with plenty of open space.

Today, more than ever, companies look to everyone, at all levels, to think and act like leaders. The key, as Jim Clemmer demonstrates in this insightful new book, is to first create inner self-leadership, which ultimately will determine how people perform in their roles and help move the organization forward. Growing the Distance provides a framework for your people to meet the challenges of rapid change.

With the rapid pace of change — in the workplace, our families and society as a whole — the organizations that succeed will be those where employees at all levels are equipped to adapt to and excel in constant change. In Growing the Distance, Jim presents the key principles that will empower your teams to respond positively to continuous and unpredictable change, rather than becoming casualties of the change process.

Growing the Distance creates lasting, meaningful change in your people and your organization. Growing the Distance is ideal for enhancing the performance of teams, projects, or groups. The timeless principles in Growing the Distance allow people to reflect on who they really are and rediscover meaning, passion, and commitment in all areas of their lives, including their careers. By providing a common language and set of values, Growing the Distance improves the cohesiveness and performance among team members.

Growing the Distance provides a strong foundation for your other developmental activities. Whether it be management development programs or technical, change, process or skill training for frontline people, Growing the Distance complements and supports your developmental activities. By guiding and inspiring people to take responsibility for their own growth and performance, this book enables you to achieve greater results from your training and improvement efforts.

He is the author of a number of international bestsellers, including Firing on All Cylinders and Pathways to Performance. In his presentations, workshops, seminars, and retreats, he has shared his insights with hundreds of leading corporations and organizations, as well as tens of thousands of individuals. It broadens the improvement focus beyond the executive and management ranks to include the front line. In his experience and research, Jim has developed insights into how to harness the leader in every employee, regardless of title or position.

He has found that if organizations are to be truly successful, people throughout the organization must be constantly growing and improving their performance — not just at work, but in all facets of their lives. Very simply, it makes sense! The leadership model that forms the basis of Growing the Distance takes a holistic approach.

It equips people with the tools to achieve growth and balance in all areas of their lives — not just work alone, but also in their personal lives. Jim drives home the timeless principles with strong insights and powerful commentary in an easy-to-understand and entertaining style.

Growing the Distance is designed to appeal to everyone in your organization. Growing the Distance is written for everyone, regardless of level or title. The digest style format summarizes timeless principles of growth and improvement, and reinforces these for the reader with stories and collected wisdoms. Growing the Distance is full of wisdom, anecdotes, and pithy advice in an informal, easy-to-read digest format.

Great reading for all walks of life. With the discounts available, it will have a wide range of reader interest for companies buying large quantities. The book is written so that it is easy to understand, full of good advice and examples, and not only well worth reading but entertaining and insightful as well. Crosbie P. Very satisfying! At the deepest and most personal level, I am glad I read this book. Read it and reap. Organizations routinely distribute this handy text to employees to encourage personal growth.

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