Page Dishwasher Without Electric Booster Dishwasher without electric booster For single-phase machines, power supply connections are made to terminal blocks. For three-phase machines connections are made to contactor lugs. The machine must be grounded according to electrical code s ; a grounding lug is provided in the controls area. The vent fan control relay provides switch contacts only and does not provide power to the vent fan motor. The dishwasher uses 0.

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This is a high temperature dishmachine. Is this the right choice for me? High temp units use heat instead of chemicals to sanitize your soiled wares. CONS of high temp units: They use more energy than low temp chemical sanitizing machines, usually release steam when the door is opened after a cycle, and have a higher initial cost. Do I need to put a water filter on this unit? Hard water can be very rough on commercial dishmachines.

Ask your Product Consultant for more information! You must still routinely check your dishwasher for scale buildup, and delime when necessary. A door type dishwasher, also known as a rack type dishwasher, takes up much less space than a conveyor dishwasher. Contact a Central Product Consultant to find just the right dishmachine for your needs! Do I need an electrician to install my door type dishwasher? It is unlikely - whatever model you choose - that your door type dishmachine will just run off a simple plug.

A qualified electrician should handle the installation. What accessories are available for this model? Accessories available include sheet pan racks, flanged and seismic feet, end of cycle audible alarm, drain water tempering kit, and more!

How many different wash cycles does this dishmachine offer? The AM series dishmachines from Hobart have four washing cycles - 1, 2, 4 and 6 minutes. Select the one that best fits your rack load! This dishwasher uses only. What could be the issue? A common reason for glasses and other dishware not drying completely is not using enough rinse-aid.


Door-Type Dishwashers



Hobart AM15 Instructions Manual


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