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Arashizragore Intertek Services Intertek has lighting testing experts and state-of-the-art laboratories located in Asia, Europe and North America, helping your products to meet various national and international standards in the shortest delivery time. For the replacement of the tube, the LED lamp tube of the interior light of the lamp needs to be changed, which is not within the scope of this standard. Example for a retrofit ie. This standard does not cover double-capped conversion LED lamps where modification in the luminaire is required. NOTE 1 The rated voltage or voltage range of the lamp can from the open circuit voltage.

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Internal wiring shall be carried out as in Clause 5. For construction of the electrical circuit, Compliance with clauses 5. Presence and legibility of the marking by visual inspection. The durability of the marking — as far as applied on the lamp - is checked by trying to remove it by rubbing lightly for 15 s with a piece of cloth soaked with water and, after drying, for a further 15 s with a piece of cloth soaked with hexane.

The marking shall be legible after the test. Availability of information required in 5. Dimension B at minimum ambient temperature at the minimum ambient temperature, attain tmin 1 h u. Btmin d. Dimension A at maximum ambient temperature at the maximum ambient temperature , attain tmax 1 h u. Atmax a. Shall not catch fire, or produce flammable gases or smoke and live parts shall not become accessible. To check if accessible parts have become live, a test in accordance with Clause 8. No any electrical continuity between the two ends of the lamp during the insertion?

For caps, the requirements of IEC clauses 2. For the other parts of the lamp, the following requirements apply 1. Electric strength with an a. NOTE 1 The use of a. NOTE 2 The electric strength test with an equivalent d. Both extreme positions shall be tested. Compliance: - The lamp cap temperature rise above ambient temperature shall not exceed 95 K. If the lamp contains an automatic protective device or circuit which limits the power, it is subjected to a 15 min operation at this limit.

If the device or circuit effectively limits the power over this period, the lamp has passed the test, provided the compliance see Clauses 4 and The total impedance of the lamp in stable condition shall not be lower than the values indicated in Table 4 below for the corresponding fluorescent lamp parameters. During any of above mentioned fault conditions the peak value of the positive semiwaveform of the supply current shall be measured and compared with the peak of the negative semi waveform.

However, it is regarded in compliance, if, in single fault conditions, steady-state r. In order to avoid this effect, the current that runs between the pins shall not be greater than 0,51 A, when 3,6 V are applied to the pins of a cap. Measurement of the current shall be made 3 s to 10 s after the application of the voltage.

The tests of Clause 8 shall be conducted thereafter. If the lamp fails as a consequence of the controlgear short circuit, it shall meet the requirements of Clause


IEC System of Conformity Assessment Schemes

Zologul The lamp under test shall consist of a iecc unit, operated at its rated supply voltage. No flashover or breakdown shall occur during the test. Intertek is a leading Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide. Figure 8 — Test configuration for touch current measurement. Intertek Total Quality Assurance expertise, delivered consistently with precision, pace and passion, enabling our customers to power ahead safely.


IEC 62776 PDF

Sectors Our standards development activities are divided into industry sectors. These sectors are supported by Stakeholder Engagement Managers who are available to advise and assist stakeholders. We co-ordinate the attendance of Australian experts at international meetings and participate in the preparation of a wide range of International Standards. We are extremely active within the international standardisation movement and a number of our senior management team members hold important voluntary offices on international standards bodies. Events Events Standards Australia has a strong history of facilitating solutions that meet the needs of consumers and industry. It remains committed to enhancing the social, environmental and economic well being of all Australians by providing an active forum for discussion, debate and consensus.


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