Разработан обеспечить улучшение показателей Общей Эффективности Оборудования Если одна из Ваших приоритетных задач — повысить производительность, то принтер создан для Вас. Новый принтер Markem-Imaje разработан обеспечивать максимальную доступность, соответствие скорости Вашей производственной линии и правильную маркировку каждого изделия. Преимущества Доведите производительность до максимума! Мойка принтера с помощью воды под давлением и промышленного моющего средства. Гарантия соблюдения санитарных требований производства класс защиты IP56, в опции — класс защиты IP Автоматическая система очистки обеспечивает идеальную стабильность струи при последующем включении даже после перерыва в работе в течение нескольких недель.

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Page 3 Safety Before using this printer, please read and fully comply with these instructions, the material safety data sheet MSDS for consumables used, and safety labels affixed to the printer. Servicing must be performed only by qualified people who are appropriately trained.

Completely drain the printer before moving it in a position other than vertical, or if it is to be transported for a longer distance e. Page 6 Safety For information on fastening a Markem-Imaje accessory, refer to the assembly instructions delivered with it. The printer must be placed on a perfectly horizontal and unimpeded surface the underside of the printer must not be obstructed.

The bottom of the console must be between 0. They can be mounted above. Any other use of the printer is prohibited, and any consequences shall be under the entire responsibility of the user. Page 9: Fcc Rules Safety These symbols indicate that the electrical and electronic device, and the batteries and rechargeable batteries therein, must not be disposed of at the end of its life as ordinary municipal solid waste.

By ensuring that these items are disposed of appropriately, you play an active role in avoiding the harmful consequences that incorrect disposal could have on the environment and human health.

Page Printer Integration Safety communications. Operation of this equipment in a residential area is likely to cause harmful interference in which case the user will be required to correct the interference at his own expense. For Canada : Under Industry Canada regulations, this radio transmitter may only operate using an antenna of a type and maximum or lesser gain approved for the transmitter by Industry Canada.

This manual is also suitable for:.


9040, 9040 S und 9040 S IP65



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