The functions of these components are listed below. Water filling — The B is a direct plumbed machine. Municipal water is introduced to the unit through the inlet valve [X]. The supply water is then led to the cold water tank [BB] via the rigid plastic tube connected to the float valve [Y].

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Instructions for De-Scaling your Keurig a. You will also need an empty sink and a ceramic mug do not use a paper cup. Step 1: Make sure Brewer is unplugged! Carry Brewer to sink making sure that it stays upright. Step 3: Rest the rear of the Brewer flat on the counter with the drain positioned over the sink and allow Brewer to drain. Step 4: Once water is drained, replace the Drain Cap. Step 2: Pour approximately 64 oz of the vinegar into the Brewer until 4 beeps signal the tank is full.

Step 4: Place a ceramic mug in the Drip Tray and run a brew cycle. Step 5: Repeat the brew process 4 or 5 times pouring the contents of the mug back into the Brewer after each cycle.

Step 6: Now let the Brewer stand for 4 hours while still on. Step 7: Place a ceramic mug on the Drip Tray and run 4 brew cycles, pouring the contents of the mug into the sink after each cycle. Step 8: Turn the brewer off, let the remaining vinegar cool, and drain the brewer as instructed above. Remember to replace the Drain Cap. Step 2: Power up brewer. Step 3: Wait about minutes for the water to heat up and the Green "Ready" Light to go on.

Step 4: Place a ceramic mug on the Drip Tray and run a brew cycle. Step 5: Repeat brew process 4 times for a total of 5 cycles. Step 6: Drain the brewer as instructed above. Step 7: You may need to rinse again to eliminate any residual taste.


Keurig B100 Use & Care Manual

Page of 1 Go. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Flashing Blue Needs water. Patents 5,; 5,; 6,; Comments to this Manuals Your Name. To drain your Keufig Brewer, please follow these instructions: Reset circuit breaker if necessary.


Keurig K-Mini Manuals & User Guides

Welcome Keurig Authorized Dealer! Reconfiguration is designed to be easily and quickly accomplished by a technician using only a 2 Phillips screw driver. It is advised that prior to beginning installation that all water be drained from the system using the drain tubes located at rear of brewer see Page 8 for Draining Instructions. Turning the drained brewer on its left side, locate and remove the 2 screws located below that Cold Water Tank.


Keurig B100 Cleaning Procedure


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