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Ponce De Leon searched in vain for it. He heard legend of it from the local natives. His search covered almost all of the islands and even part of Florida but he never found it. In the Koran there is legend of Moses meeting a servant and being told to follow an underground river so as to meet his spirit guide. He is is given a dead fish and is told that when the fish jumps to life he is to follow that The quest for immortality is a quest that has dominated the mid of man since time immemorial.

He is is given a dead fish and is told that when the fish jumps to life he is to follow that fish into the river. Of course the fish come to life but they miss it before they are aware that it jumps into the river. Alexander had a similar quest but he himself ended up there only to be turned back by two men in feathered suits eerily reminiscent of Seraphim who guard the entrance to the Garden of Eden.

Alexander was the famous Macedonian conqueror. As he was about to conquer Persia which at that time was seen as a pressing matter, Alexander chose to Conquer Egypt and then go further south. Legend has it that the Oasis of Siwa was of some importance to him. It was there that he met Queen Candace and she showed him through the tunnels to a place where Enoch was and a couple of other people were hanging out.

These were the Gods. This was Alexanders ticket to immortality. Enoch was a pretty important guy in the over all scheme of things. He was taken alive to heaven and turned into Metatron. Before he died he was given an advance tour of the after life.

Enoch had to travel through a treacherous desert land. First he was taken through a series of tunnels until he finally arrived at a Mountain. The Mountain took him up to the heavens. In the heaven he was taken to the throne of God. The process of going there is almost the same as what the Egyptians had to go through to get to their after life.

There are a few differences however. Like in the Greek Myths the Pharoah had to cross a lake and pay a ferryman to take him to the other side. Once there he traveled a desert land that was filled with peril. Then he went through a tunnel system on a barge and was escorted by being dressed in feathers who looked a lot like Seraphim.

Finally he was taken to the mountain which lead him into heaven. Alexander himself never achieved immortality he died after conquering lands all the way to India. If he was not to achieve immortality what right did he have to meet the Gods. According to legend there is some doubt as to weather Alexander was Philips true son.

Back in those days the Gods used to couple with mortals. The big question who was Ammon. According to Egyptian Legend their Gods came from across the seas from another land. Linguistic evidence seems to point to their origin as being Mesopotamia.

As the legend goes Egypt was flooded. Ptah came by in a boat and dried up the flood and built damns. I believe he coupled with Nuit and gave birth to Isis, Osiris and Set.

Isis and Osiris were lovers and rulers of Egypt. Seth was jealous and killed Osiris. It was up to Isis to revive him. Later on Horus would do battle with Seth. In any case at one point Ra had control over Egypt. When he lost it Ammon took control from the City of Thebes. THe book goes on to examine various legends from the Canaanites and Sumerians i norder to piece together the mystery. If anyone knows the Gods were not Gods but aliens from the Planet Nabiru which has an elliptical orbit around our sun.

It comes into our solar system once every 3, years. They need gold to sustain their atmosphere and hence they genetically engineered a race of slaves to run it for them, That race is the human race. They blended their genes with some indigenous ape and whammo there was man.

Maan was almost wiped out by the flood. Fortunately for us Enki was on our side. The secret to immortality is being invited but the Gods to their space port and eating some off their food and drink.

Once you have dined you live forever with the gods. Question where were the space ports located. The author examines Canaanite myth to tell us that supposedly it existed in Baalbeck the Cedar Forest of Lebanon. Another one was located in the Sinai Desert. The Ancients were more advanced then we give them credit for and the people earnestly believed these myths. Any student of thenear east will enjoy reading these books as Zeharia Sitchin shows how they all come together.

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