All recordings are bilingual so you can study simply by listening to the lessons on the four CDs. The 64 page, full colour course book provides helpful backup and extra practice. The most effective way to learn is to start by working with the book and the audio CDs together. They will take you step by step through all the units. As soon you feel confident with your new language, you can work with just the audio CDs.

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A page Written Exercise book — for practising writing using the language taught in each lesson. A page Oral Exercise book — with spoken exercises to improve your accent and pronunciation.

A Study guide - contains full instructions of how to plan your study to get the most out of your course. A page Translation book — A romanised version and full English translation of the Arabic Textbook will assist with pronunciation and comprehension. A 40 page Alphabet book — Explains how to read and write the letters of the Arabic alphabet. The course is divided into separate levels.

There is a revision scheme and regular self assesment tests to ensure you retain the new language as you progress through the course. So, in the unlikely event that you are not happy with your course after 21 days, you can return it to us.

The Linguaphone method is based on two simple principles: You learn faster when you enjoy what you are doing. You make progress if the sort of language you learn is useful and presented in a believable, familiar context. Speaking Arabic is an active skill - something you learn by doing, not just studying.

This is the practical approach taken by Linguaphone to language learning. You will start to speak Arabic during the very first lesson. Soon after, longer sentences are introduced to enable the expression of more detailed and complex thoughts.

The result is that, after completing a Linguaphone Complete Arabic course, you will have a thorough understanding of the Arabic language and be able to converse with and understand real people speaking the language.

Listen Listening to native Arabic speakers is the most relaxing and involved way to learn, helping you associate the sounds you hear with the words and sentences you read. Understand By listening and reading the language, you begin to discover what each word means. Everyday objects have exciting new names. Gradually words, then phrases, become clear and your reading, writing and speaking of the Arabic language will improve. Speak Many people find that speaking their new language is the hardest part.

The course is designed to teach you how the language works and how to use it effectively in any real life situation. As you encounter new vocabulary more than 2, words you will also be taught structures that will allow you to understand and be understood. For example Expressing your opinion e. For your complete peace of mind, Linguaphone offers a 21 day money back guarantee.

This Guarantee allows you to order the course and trial it for 21 days. It allows you to start studying your language and gives you enough time to try out the course and decide whether it is for you. In the unlikely event that you are not happy with your course or find it to be unsuitable you can return it to us. All we ask is that you return it to us in good condition. Our Satisfaction Guarantee is another reason why we have over 7 million satisfied customers worldwide. Customer Reviews 1 item s very helpful course.


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