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Tojak A person who operates the metal detector. Steel test Tap in the S. Operating Instructions You can now select the required options and enter the appropriate parameter values to set up the search head.

Setting The Vf Drive AutoBalance feature which automatically makes any P and Q channel balance adjustments necessary for each of the available frequencies.

Document Change Control Operating Instructions Enabling the Tracker Feature To enable the tracker feature, proceed as follows: Your warranty may be invalidated if you do not follow the maintenance schedule set out ketal this user guide.

Screen Contents The report contains information in several sections as described below. Logs and Reports Screen Contents The screen displays a list of system faults under the following column headings: Ddtector that the sample pack is representative of a production pack eg. Page The User Interface A standard file browser dialog is displayed.

It displays a mimic of the metal detector and contains a number of hotspots which provide quick access to other screens through which all the parameters for setting up and operating the metal detector can be configured. Responsibilities And Disclaimer Page 7 Coil Current Frequency Selection Using the Metal Detector Frequency Selection This metal detector can run at a choice of seventy different operating frequencies so that the optimum frequency can be chosen for any given product.

Loma Systems User Manuals Loma metal detectors do not emit a level of noise that is hazardous. Report Languages Logs and Reports This icon is displayed if the LomaEnet Capture application has been installed onto a dedicated networked server and a communication connection configured in the LomaEnet Capture screen.

Page 99 The User Interface 2. IQ Metal Detector Systems. Select Product To Setup Related Searches Check weigher Inspection machine Tunnel type metal detector Packaging checkweigher Mobile metal detector Maanual metal detector Compact metal detector Grain metal detector Flat metal detector Pellet metal detector Digital metal detector Tablet metal detector Inspection machine for food industry applications Compact checkweigher Defect inspection machine In-line inspection machine Rectangular metal detector Integrated metal detector Metal detector with conveyor Conveyor metal detector.

System Settings The User Interface Tapping within one of the boxes then displays a related screen as described in the table below. The User Interface Tap on the Users icon to display the User Accounts Setup screen through which you can add, edit and delete user accounts. Air Regulator Unit Maintenance With the exception of systems fitted with Air Blast or Stop-On-Detect or electrically driven rejects the compressed air supply pressure to the fitted reject device is fed iq33 an air regulator unit.

Page Logs and Reports Use the scroll bar to navigate to and select Batch option. Using the Metal Detector It is also possible to phase out a particular size of non-ferrous contaminant but be able to detect a smaller or larger size. Primarily, the commissioning visit is required as part of the installation process so that the engineer can optimise machine performance in its actual working environment and for the products that are to be inspected.

This feature allows you to select your own company image or logo to be used by the metal detector for display on initial start up. If the detector has already failed to function correctly, displaying the log may help in diagnosis should the initial issue be the result of one of the monitored functions.

Tapping on the button cancels the Full Learn process and closes the screen. An interval of 6 minutes, which is the minimum time interval you can set, was used for the example screen shot below Once the PV test is due the PVS panel goes red and an error message is displayed. There are three types of wands: Types Of Metal About Metal Detection Detector performance is also affected by the position of the contaminant in the aperture. The User Interface Product Settings Purpose Before a product can be inspected a number of basic details and parameters for the product must be entered into the Product Settings screen which are then used by the metal detector software to control how the product is inspected.

Tap on the threshold value to display the Threshold pop-up screen to adjust it, and therefore the sensitivity of the detector: The bin will need to be emptied before the transport can be restarted. The Save Settings pop-up screen will amnual displayed. Using the Metal Detector Frequency Selection This metal detector can run at a choice of seventy different operating frequencies so that the optimum frequency can be chosen for any given product.

Operating Instructions Setting Up the Search Head Setting up of the detector search head is carried out in the Search Head Setup screen which when selected takes the detector out of run mode so that it is not inspecting products. Related Posts


Used Loma Systems Equipment

The most common of foreign material within processing is metal. These units also find metal encapsulated in the individual particle. Successful detection and separation of metal will protect your processing equipment from damage, which saves your organization money and down time. This is comprised of windings around an aperture opening, whether round, or rectangular. There is a transmitter in the center, and two receivers one at entrance of the search head, and one at the exit. Within the aperture opening, an electromagnetic field is created.



Faster, Better Auto-Learn With significant improvements in signal processing, the new Auto-Learn rapidly delivers excellent detection sensitivities out of the box and provides more line up-time than ever before. Conveyors with Automatic reject stations The IQ4 Rectangular head is available with a conveyor using automatic reject stations. These systems are designed to maintain a high throughput, increase productivity and are typically good for fast applications and pack speeds. Multiple reject system types are available, and the correct choice entirely depends on the application.

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