Tuesday, July 7, Redesign Your Resources Allot has changed in the LWUIT Designer in the last few months, the changes might not be immediately obvious in the new drop at first glance but those who have been using the tool for quite a while should look forward to one of the strongest releases yet. So what is new? We now have a new resource file format which is documented within our drops docs directory , this will require modification to existing resource files and recreation of fonts however the benefits are huge! Export to Ant script - includes generating the files representing the entries within the resource file.

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If you plan to use NetBeans 7. LWUIT 1. Profiling of VM classes can also be toggled on or off. You can switch between different versions of device managers. They are all in one package.

Tracing - New tracing functionality now includes CLDC VM events, and monitors events such as exceptions, class loading, garbage collection, and methods invocation. This new implementation is a highly-optimized virtual machine which provides a significant performance advantage over KVM.

Optimized MSA 1. This implementation supports multitasking and is built on CLDC 1. It provides a reliable and flexible windowing system, a logging facility, and a modularized environment with the ability to update on the fly.

The database search tool is both versatile and easy to use, allowing you to search a large number of mobile device properties. Windows OS Verify that your system meets the minimum hardware and software requirements. Double-click the executable file to start the installation, and follow the prompts.

As the installation concludes, the Device Manager appears in the Windows system tray.



Yohn In the event that the font you choose is missing, you can choose a system font as a backup. But i need it more. Both take radically different approaches: Unfortunately this resource must be recreated in the resource manager when more locales are added or removed. The file name can be changed and k2me can choose to pack the file to save space. Here that code and error: Due to its usefullness im incrementing ur answers point. J2ME Polish is has lesser chance in covering most number of handsets in the lwhit.

CSA A23.3-94 PDF

LWUIT, la merveille du monde du développement Mobile (Introduction)


BS 5395-3 PDF

J2ME GUI实战之七 ----------LWUIT的Tabbed分页、Text文本


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