The company specializes in all things ice cream — from ice cream seminars to hands-on consulting, books, flavor and product research and development, and education. Our students, graduates and clients come from all corners of the globe, across the U. S and abroad. In 15 years we have helped hundreds of individuals and businesses start and succeed in the incredible ice cream business. We look forward to working with you.

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Stogo, 61, said in a no-nonsense Philadelphia accent. Stogo to dream up and deliver irresistible flavors. Stogo enjoys a panorama of the Hudson River and the Palisades.

Besides his consulting work, which in recent months has taken him to Italy, Puerto Rico and Korea, Mr. Stogo has written four books self-published about ice cream. He publishes two quarterly newsletters, titled Batch Freezer News and Ice Cream Store News, and conducts an annual seminar series in Westchester called Ice Cream University, where in addition to teaching the ins and outs of the commercial ice cream business, he gives participants hands-on training in ice cream making.

Every January Mr. Stogo and his wife, Carol Gordon, lead students on a gelato tour of Italy. He is not shy about his expertise.

Wilkes said. Stogo has other proclamations on the subject of ice cream. He has no use, for example, for healthy ice cream. The reason? The best ice cream? Go to Italy and Denmark. The worst? You can find it in New York restaurants, he said. Who wants to eat basil ice cream? Stogo was not always an ice cream king.

He thought he had found it in the peace movement and worked out an arrangement that allowed him to split his time between his day job and campaigning for Eugene J. McCarthy, Robert F. Kennedy and George S. We can do better. Someone called! Stogo began making his own ice cream. They increased production and began distributing the ice cream in pint containers to retail gourmet specialty shops around Philadelphia.

Stogo and his wife divorced. Stogo decided to focus exclusively on ice cream, because, he said, making ice cream was fun. In Mr. Stogo married again, this time to a painter, and moved to Scarsdale. Stogo formed a partnership with Bobby Shapiro, the owner of the Zocalo restaurants in Manhattan.

Stogo claimed. Stogo and Mr. Shapiro were bought out by their landlord. Stogo decided to become a consultant and write a book. Siloway said. I found myself agreeing with a lot of the things he was saying. Siloway, who eventually offered Mr. She and Mr. Stogo met through Matchmaker. You have found happiness. You can never have enough.


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