As a result more planners are now looking for open, flexible and fully-scaleable drives. Additional requirements include user-friendliness, network support and, of course, maximum reliability - particularly in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning HVAC applications. The drives must also be economical to use, combining minimum operating costs and maximum energy savings. The frequency inverters of the FR-F series are a modern and intelligent drive solution that can easily be integrated into complex modern building services automation systems.

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Voltage level: three phase V. Frequency converter capacity: KW. Why is the frequency of the inverter voltage proportional to the change? The electromagnetic torque of any motor is the result of the interaction between the current and the magnetic flux, the current is not allowed to exceed the rated value, otherwise it will cause the heating of the motor FR-F Therefore, if the magnetic flux decreases, the electromagnetic torque will decrease, which leads to the reduction of the load carrying capacity.

Frequency converter capacity: 0. It is based on the overall effect of three-phase waveform generation, In order to approach the ideal circular rotating magnetic field in the air gap of the motor, A generation phase modulation waveform control inscribesthe polygon to approach the circle way FR-F After practice, it has been improved, that is, the introduction of frequency compensation, can eliminate the error of speed control; By feedback estimation of flux amplitude, eliminating the influence of stator resistance at low speed, the output voltage and current closed loop, In order to improve the accuracy and stability of the dynamic.

But there are many control circuit, and no torque is introduced, so the system performance has not been improved. The use of frequency converter motor is in order to speed, and reduce the starting current.

In order to produce a variable voltage and frequency, The equipment to the power of the AC power conversion to DC DC , the process is called rectification. The direct current DC is transformed into alternating current AC and its scientific term is "inverter" inverter.

General inverter is the DC power supply inverter for a certain fixed frequency and a certain voltage of the inverter. For the inverter as the frequency adjustable, adjustable voltage inverter, we called the inverter. Inverter output waveform is simulated sine wave, Is mainly used in three-phase asynchronous motor speed control, and also called frequency governor.

For the variable frequency inverter, which is mainly used in the testing equipment of instrumentt and meter, To sort out the waveform, you can output the standard sine wave, called the inverter power supply FR-F The general inverter is times inverter price.

The main device called "inverter" because of the voltage or frequency of the inverter device ", Therefore, the product itself is named "inverter", that is: inverter FR-F





Mitsubishi FR-F700



Mitsubishi FR-F740-01160-NA


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