Operation database will indicate all the step by steps to complete a garment. To Increase workers efficiency. To Improve Factory efficiency and also categories of product line. To reduce production cost. To preventive any losses of happens during production activities.

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Operation database will indicate all the step by steps to complete a garment. To Increase workers efficiency. To Improve Factory efficiency and also categories of product line.

To reduce production cost. To preventive any losses of happens during production activities. Mobile, PC based Video streaming for accurate communication of the methodology via web. Security Users can be defined with access to only certain options using a role based model. Functions which they do not have access to will not be shown.

User permission can be authorized to control and limited to some of the categorized and others locations. Main menu is present by the user permission authority, it make some of the options will not provide to the main screen to allow user to access it. Maynard was acquired by Accenture in The variations of both systems differ from each other based on their level of focus.

This technique was introduced in by G. It uses very intuitive codes to represent the various motion patterns prevalent in the industry and allows the user to configure their own codes for those unique to their operation.

The software is used to determine the standard time to complete an operation and has provisions to collect and maintain groups of operations in a style product. Together with Fast React Systems , Coats Global Services have unparalleled reach through the global fashion supply chain.

They specialise in providing technology based solutions and industry best practice expertise that deliver significant and measurable cost, speed and productivity improvements to fashion brands, retailers, sewn product manufacturers and textile mills. It establishes International Time Standards by applying the appropriate predetermined motion codes to each step in the method standard. These 39 motion codes are used as building blocks to create s of operations, s of features and unlimited product styles.

Motion code building blocks are used whatever the product from a simple T-shirt to more complex outerwear and all garment styles in between. Enterprise offers opportunity for Manufacturing Excellence Establish Accurate Operation Times, ensuring production lines are optimised with higher operator performance Create Realistic Efficiency Measurements to enable consistent and accurate planning and to improve on-time delivery performance Use Method Engineering to increase productivity and profit and to mitigate rising labour costs As labour costs increase and FOB prices do not, costing becomes a critical aspect of any business relationship.

GSD creates a common language to establish the real manufacturing time and cost, as well as a tool to engineer the costs to create more profit or manufacturing opportunities. Pro Suite is aimed at providing various IT solutions for various departments of Sewn product industry.

It has made a very strong consumer base in India and neighboring countries. It was developed by Singer sewing engineers, to be used in Ready Made Garment RMG labour costing, supply chain capacity planning and professional management. Seweasy is more aligned with the lean concepts and smooth work flow attributed to Toyota. The living wage and escalating costs demand innovations in manufacturing location to stay competitive and sustainable.

The company provides free training on-site and helps set up motivational incentives. SewEasy Pvt. Ltd has trained many juniors and seniors alike, to quickly establish better methods, motion patterns and standards using this easy PMTS system.

The process of SewEasy based sewing standardization leads to easier skills development, OHS, Safety Culture and worker empowerment useful in performing innovations at needle point.

The Cost Engineering aspect is important for Living Wage bench-marking and incentive systems development for motivation. Process of estimating cost of labour and workflow, professionally in such manner leads to improved productivity, lowered cost and higher earnings for all stake holders by way of eliminating wastes Muda, Mura and Muri. One TMU is defined to be 0. These smaller units allow for more accurate calculations without the use of decimals.

The choice of which variation of a certain PMTS to use is dependent on the need for accuracy in contrast to the need for quick analysis, as well as the length of the operation, the distances involved in the operation, and the repetitiveness of the operation.

Longer operations often take place on a larger spatial scale, and tend to be less repetitive, so these issues are often treated as one. For longer, less repetitive operations, statistical analysis demonstrates that the accuracy of less detailed systems will generally approach the accuracy of more detailed systems.


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