Dogami Re-enter the preset codes. When the headphones are connected, there is no sound output from the speakers. Preset Code List see Vsxk signals from other remote controls on page Interrupting a pioneer vsxk manual connection with other amps or an AV converter such as an HDMI switch can cause operational errors. See Standing Wave on page 91 for more on this. Pioneer VSX No hay imagen ni sonido. You will return to the Manual SP Setup menu.

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Back in the day, when I wrote for a now-defunct print magazine, my copy editor would routinely insist I change my wording whenever I claimed a piece of gear had sex appeal. I respectfully disagree. Unfortunately, as in life, the consumer electronics world has its share of celebrities. I just want to reach out and touch her! No respect, I tell you.

In addition to serving as the brains of the outfit, your receiver also does most of the heavy lifting - and it does these things rather selflessly. Thankfully, some people find brains to be sexy. Packed with cutting edge technology such as HDMI 1. Oh, dry your eyes. And instead of three or four optical and three or four coaxial digital audio inputs, you only get two of each. The component video jack pack has also slimmed down some, with two sets of inputs versus the traditional three for this price point.

An optional Bluetooth adapter allows for wireless streaming of music from your iPod or mobile device. Mic Test. Like many modern receivers, the VSXK comes equipped with automatic speaker calibration software and a wired mini microphone. Pioneer should consider a more intuitively-named "speaker setup wizard" on the Main Menu to calm the nerves of techno-phobic new owners.

Item 4 on that same Main Menu is labeled "System Setup," a much more inviting option. After running through the MCACC auto-calibration, I manually inspected the values and settings that were deemed optimum for my basement theater. I opted for the 50Hz option to let my Nobles pull their share of the weight and was quite satisfied with the result. Pioneer has developed a free, downloadable application for the iPhone or iPod touch called "iControl AV.

Despite losing its connection to the receiver a few times, I loved being able to raise, lower and mute the volume on the VSXK using my iPod Touch from my office. With no line of sight and several walls in between, this can be quite handy. Simply roll your iPhone or iPod Touch in your hand and listen as your music veers left, right or travels in a circle around you.

Thankfully, there is a RESET button which brings your setting back to their original value before you started playing. Definitely not. Indeed it is. In fact, if your only goal one evening is to sit and listen to music, you can easily and quite enjoyably get by with just your iPod, the Bluetooth adapter and iControl AV. Very cool stuff. The Main Event Too many tiny buttons and a hard-to-find Volume rocker make this remote less than perfect.

It was sent to me for review and sadly I need to give it back soon. But still. How does it do with streamed Netflix content from my Roku box? How does it handle the Dolby 5. The short answer: it does just fine. Quite well in fact. The same goes for 3D. The 24fps race car sequence fared no better, with plenty of distracting moire artifacts in the grandstands.

Very few receivers allow for i component to HDMI pass-thru, so this was a refreshing sight to see. No Pandora, but still. Specifications From the Manufacturer: Continuous average power output of 80 watts per channel, min.


Pioneer Vsx 1020 K Users Manual



Pioneer VSX-1020-K Operating Instructions For The User



Pioneer VSX-1020-K User Manual


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