Vibhu moksha personified, Veda incarnate, all-pervading Lord, Lord, master of all, I pay obeisance to you, and am ever-worshipful, Away from maya and the cycles of nature, of conscious desire, I chant to you Lord Digambara, who wears the sky as a garment. Fair-skinned like Himanchal, serene, unmoved, Of beauty and grace greater than a million Kamadevas, ever glowing, Upon whose head resides the sacred Goddess Ganga, Upon whose head is the crescent moon, whose neck is adorned by a snake. In his ears are kundalas, whose eyes and eyebrows are beautiful, Cheerful, blue necked, kind, compassionate, understanding, Wrapped in animal skin, wearing a garland of skulls, Dearest to all, Lord of all, I chant his name — Shankara. Husband of Parvati, till we worship your lotus feet, We can never attain peace and joy in this world or in heaven, Or mitigate or lessen our suffering, Lord who resides in the heart of all, be pleased with me and my offering. Oh Shambho, I know not yoga, or penance or worship or prayer, But I always honor you, Oh my Lord, always be my savior, Suffering the cycle of death, birth and old age, I burn, Lord, protect this pained one from grief, I offer you my devotion.

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We sing of that which is all-powerful for those who meditate upon energy latent motion , all-encompassing for those who meditate upon motion activated energy and the primal cause for those who meditate upon causation source of motion-energy. We know that to be Shiva which is the devourer of the exterior perception, the deconstructor of all narratives of external reality, who exists beyond the physical universe. We know that to be Shiva that transcends all these levels, beyond individuated comprehension.

Shiva exists beyond the realm of physical reality. Shiva manifests in internal awareness as a formless form verily defined by the reflections of countless rays of light. From the will of Shiva spring all mysteries and death. All archetypes of morality stem from Shiva, all virtues are judged relative to the anthropomorphized nature of Shiva.

We sing, therefore, of Shiva, the universally beloved. Shiva sows the Seed for all of Creation, and appears in the perception of all that is created as the brilliance of a billion suns. The thought of Shiva is accessible only when thought of the self dissipates through the arousal of Divine Love.

The thought of Shiva always rejoices those who seek it sincerely. Therefore, we sing and embrace the thought of Shiva. We sing and remain mindful of Consciousness that moves all thoughts and action so that they may always remain useful.

The only requirement is a continual and persistent mindfulness of the interior representations of Shiva. We sing, therefore, in the hope of perceiving the heart of Shiva. It is written in Sanskrit and contains eight couplets in praise of Shiva.


Rudrashtakam – Audio, Lyrics and Meaning



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Shri Rudrashtakam (श्रीरुद्राष्टकम) with meaning


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