Mareste imaginea. Patriarhia Ecumenica a anuntat miercuri, 27 noiembrie , intr-un comunicat de presa, canonizarea cuviosului Sofronie Saharov. Parintele Sofronie Saharov s-a nascut pe 23 septembrie , in Moscova, Rusia. Parintele Sofronie a trait mai multi ani in Sfantul Munte Athos si a trecut la cele vesnice in ziua de 11 iulie , la varsta de 97 de ani, in Manastirea Sfantul Ioan Botezatorul, din localitatea Tolleshunt Knights, aflata in apropiere de orasul Maldon, in regiunea Essex, Anglia.

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Panteleimon septembrie : 1. Monahul Casian Korepanov; 3. From min. The same people as we, only in search of something, and bring with ourselves the same nature, which at each person become monks. And here, in such sad mood I left gate of the monastery and thought of that why I have arrived here.

Suddenly calls some voice to me. I raise the head, I look — the gray-bearded monk, pleasantly smiles, the nice person. And, above all, has distorted me, I had such feeling that he has spotted, has read my thoughts with which I went. That minute it was very unpleasant. He addresses me: — And what does it mean — to keep wisdom? I have shrugged shoulders, interrogatively I look at him. Thoughts, it is not thoughts.

Thoughts are a condition of disappointment, spiritual weight… It was the answer to my state with these gloomy thoughts. That is not to accept these the heavy, confusing soul thoughts. He has very much calmed, has consoled my soul for the rest of life.

I have arrived to Athos again, I was named there, in memory his Siluan named. And what strings one soul will touch at another. The more people it will be understood and to help to go each other to this light, the more they will unite.

But it, of course, simple comparison. And without comparison it is only possible to tell that the only thing that it is possible to wish to each person that he looked for justifications of this life. Difficultly for each person to overcome the bad tendencies. And why these bad tendencies are left by God on freedom of the person?

And God looks not for slaves, but People free. The free people who have chosen a way of good. Freely fallen in love good. Good, as the highest sense of this life. Without justification of those tests, any person will never speak as Christ spoke. Not obligatory in the war from the fire of the person to pull out. It is possible to help every day. To forgive, understand. To judge by itself as it is difficult to overcome dark sides.

You know, a prayer, it as a lightning. As a lightning which flies up into the sky about some person. It is necessary that heart of each person has touched the Evangelical Word. Because society consists of separate souls. And the more separate souls will understand it, the more people will unite in it. The more these people, these souls it will appear in all the people, the stronger it will affect. Preachers whom I heard touched soul of the person, and this most important — to find a key to each soul.


Sfântul Munte Athos



Viaţa Arhimandritului Sofronie Saharov


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