This is my first and non original blog. And FF related, go figure. But since I have people asking for my recs for reading all the time, and I consistently draw blanks, here we are. At the top of his game, he has everything; money, cars and women.

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TbyI think the key is making it belong, keeping it interesting and something that draws the reader in. An image just comes to me and I write what I see. I make sure that the positions etc They have to be realistic- a position that someone can get into.

It needs to be believable. Sue Soooo have you ever had sex in a dressing room you know to show it is a believable thing to happen? Tby giggle no I have never had sex in a dressing room, there are some things that I have not done but they still work.

I have been married 15 years to my high school sweetheart. I am insanely lucky to be so happily married. I live a "very inspired life". I only take it out for special occasions. TbyA bit. I was the one who dressed B from the beginning. I was talking to Moi eddiescherry , and we were talking about expensive boutiques, and when she sent me a link for La Perla it clicked. It was something I wrote in chapter 1 and just grew.

All of us giggle at that I mean imagine!!! SUE Did you intend for them to fall for each other? Lisa Did you intend for it to be deeper? XXX were they meant to fall in love or was it supposed to be just fucking? TbyI always intended for them to have a deeper relationship. From the start they were going to fall in love.

How they would overcome their hatred of each other, to find their way and be more is the main conflict and direction of the story. Little things may change, but for the most part, the story is outlined down to the epilogue. The "I love you" was originally different. It came to me, I tried to change it, rewrote it different ways, kept coming back to me and it was perfect. Since chapter 3 people have begged me to have them say I love you. The simple fact was they hated each other.

Their bodies knew differently. Sex in the bed became a major plot point; a real milestone in their relationship. I want my lemons to fit and flow. I want it to be in character. Their entire relationship is a power struggle. I make it a point to use it in the right place. I use sex to tell part of their story. Every revelation and slip-up has happened in that moment. When they have sex its more about their movements and their emotions than what is happening physically.

The way they move and they way they feel vs. XXX Did you have any naughty dreams that inspired a chapter? If so which one? TbyNo chapters came from a dream. GIA Were you surprised by the attention your story has received? TbyThe response to this story is astounding, it humbles me and I am very grateful and lucky for all of my readers.

That is probably my 1 regret as an author. But for me, its just a time issue. These characters monopolize my brain 24 hours a day. I had to take a break after comic con, I had no balance in my life. I hope readers know how much I appreciate everything I read every single review.

When I feel like maybe nobody cares or ask myself why am I killing myself to get this done Gia Were you influenced by the readers desires?

TbyThe readers have a huge impact. TbyI have been trying all day and was unsuccessful. I set out to write and I have nothing. I have to shut off twitter, and gchat and everything, and have to really be feeling it. Dawn will help me It helps me when I see my thoughts on a screen. Sometimes it works, the La Perla scene I wrote in the gyn office with someone reading over my shoulder. The scene has to be in my head Romeo and Juliet or certain rhythmic mixes on repeat.

I love Hope manyafandom. When I first started reading one of her stories, I would laugh at the idea of E whispering dirty things in her ear. The characters are so impatient and I constantly have to pull them back.

They definitely have a mind of their own. XXX What has been your favorite chapter so far? La Perla is one of my favorites. I really love the first time they have sex in the bed I like that and think it can be more powerful than them having sex.

XXX Which has been the most difficult to write? TbyThis last one was most difficult chapter to write. I was out of the zone with comic con, etc I made such an effort to make the emotional struggle in the last one palpable. She brought him to his knees and he fights it so hard. She challenges what he considers to be his strongest personality traits.

He prides himself on being in control, yet has zero when she is involved. TbyThere is a chapter coming up that I have been waiting for. But I have had several chapters that I was dying to get to her going to his apt was one. Every chapter that is coming up I have been counting down to. Molls How did it go from a collaboration to writing it on your own? Molls Was it hard to take it on your own after Dawn had to take leave?

TbyAbout Dawn: Dawn and I had this conversation last night. Is the relationship with Dawn strained? Fuck no. I would have never known I could write if not for her.

In the beginning we had two stories we were going to write together, Taken, and The Office. Dawn was more excited about TO. I was terrified but she kept telling me I could do it. We wrote the first chapter and never thought anybody would read it. It got bigger and I was taking over more and more, outlining the chapters, telling D what to write.

I completely took over and felt like a horrible person for doing so. It started getting so big and the more stressful it became, the less fun it was for her. I was writing most of it but still feeling like I needed to run things by Dawn. Dawn said our friendship was more important than anything else and she said told me she would stop writing TO. Dawn is my biggest cheerleader. I owe a lot to Dawn, I would have never done it without her.

She gave me the confidence to do it on my own, and never once begrudged me the stories success. Sue I like friends like that, Dawn sounds really amazing Tbyshe is! SueWhat inspired your Bella? I have a hard time focusing when I fill my head with other human characters. MollsHow long does it take to write a chapter?


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