Open Visual Studio In the New Project dialog box in the left pane, expand Visual Basic, and then choose. NET Core. In the middle pane, choose Console App. Then name the project WhatIsYourName. NET Core project template, you can get it by adding the.

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Place the extracted contents in a folder named VS6SP6. You should end up with a set of directories that look like those shown below. The program does not need to be installed.

Simply extract the contents of the zip file and run vs6installer. I suggest using a folder you know the program will have permission to access. Something in your Documents folder should work.

Browse to where you want to create the root folder, then click Make New Folder. Using the tool to make the folder will ensure that it has the necessary permissions. If you want to install the various graphic files included with VS6, then make sure that option is checked.

It should already be selected, by default, on Windows 10 systems. Select the edition you will be installing. You should choose whatever matches the CDs you are using for the installation. The files can be on CDs, or on your hard drive as I previously recommended. Select the set of files referenced at the top of the selection window, confirm that the copy procedure is correct, then wait as the necessary files are copied to the new root location. You will need to select both CDs for this step.

After CD1 has finished copying, you will be prompted to select CD2. This will prepare the Service Pack 6 files.

Browse to and select the files you previously extracted to the VS6SP6 directory. The Service Pack 6 files that are still available on the Net are actually for the Enterprise Edition.

I have, so far, been unable to source a Pro version of SP6. If you get an error about missing files see below , then simply move on with the installation. Click the first Install button. The standard installer will now launch. Make your way through it, entering your Serial Number as necessary.

Keep clicking Next, Continue, OK, etc. Click the Custom button. The installer tool will have already made the appropriate selections based upon what you chose before launching the installer, so there should be no need to make any changes here. I believe you can install the options besides Visual Basic 6, but they were unnecessary for me. Click OK when you get the Success message. You may need to Restart your system at this point. If so, wait for the restart to finish, then pick up where you left off.

The MSDN installer will now launch. This step is optional, but I recommend it as Visual Basic 6 Help files are only going to get harder to find on the Net as time goes by. Click the second Install button. Click OK when installation has finished, and make your way back to the installer tool.

If you have the proper service pack files for your installation, then you will be able to use the installer tool to launch the installation. If you were able to find the right version of SP6 for your installation, then you can click the third Install button.

If you were unable to find the correct version of SP6, then find the folder you previously extracted the SP6 files to during this step , right click on the setupsp6.

From here on, the installation of SP6 will be the same for both scenarios. Run the newly created shortcut from your Desktop. Relaunch VB6, and the error should be gone.

It is not needed after the necessary registrations have been completed. We have just one more setting to change.

Right click on VB6. Click OK, then try running the program again. You should now find that controls can be manipulated without issue. Visual Basic 6 should now run just as well as it ever did. Now then, time to get back to work on converting those VB6 apps to VB. Bookmark the permalink. I upgraded to Win Everything Ok but since the update VB6 and all the executables I created do not work anymore on my laptop. Any idea? Thanks in advance!

You might want to try a full reinstall of VB6. Eric Barsalou The strangest thing is that everything is is still Ok on my desktop! What can it be? Is very hard to discover without inspecting the computer.

You could try running the PDW as an admin, at least once, to see if something needs to be registered. Giorgio Brausi PDW is old and outdated, is no longer adequate to create installations for modern versions of Windows.

Many things have changed since XP, too. While the PDW has never been updated by Microsoft. For example Inno Setup www. VB6 does that extremely well. Taught VB. NET for years, it was truly infantile, for lack of a better word.

It was a huge lost waste of time and human effort in almost every case. Gambas, by comparison, that visual IDE for Linux with the weird shrimp logo, is, for all of its dangling parts and lack of documentation, better than VB. Net for productivity, beats it all to heck.

And I can cross compile if I have to. So, why, if you want return customers, if you want repeated use and productivity, if you want high schools to use it as a means.. They are happy and I too because of earnings from VB6 systems.

Did you make sure to run the SP6 installer as an administrator? You know if I can install manually the SP6? Firts of all, ensure to use the latest version 4. I had VB6 working on Windows 7 on my laptop and it continued to work after upgrading to Eventually VB6 installed without data access components — not much use to me! The project I wanted to load uses a Data Environment — is this teh cause of the problems?

Its not totally gloom and despondency. The project loads and the compiled program executes OK in Windows10 danbrust 1. Symantec flagged it as a virus, too. I believe this is a false positive, as it seems to be a Heuristic-based detection. Hmm, I wonder if this is related to running it on Win10 Home vs Pro. Yeah, you have to disable the Data Access Components on Windows I suspect anything related to Data Access will cause errors. Giorgio Brausi Firts of all, ensure to use the latest version 4.

Giuseppe Saponieri Setup is updating your system ……….. You will still need to use the installer folder for Visual Basic whether they are located on disc, CD, etc. The VS6 Installer tool lets you pick the right folders, so any naming scheme will work; I just provide you with my suggestions in the tutorial. Jan Krebs Dear Dan: I liked your post and appreciated the effort that went behind it. The first step you need does, is to install VB6.


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