Masar I saw them as green and lovely as trees are in Spain in the month of May. One sailor was found to have got for a leathern strap, gold of the weight of two and a half co,on, and others for even more worthless things much more; while for a new blancas they would give all they had, were it two or three castellanos of pure gold or an arroba or two of spun cotton. It was acquired in by the Spanish government and is currently cara at the Archivo General de Indias in Seville. In official time, Eximiae precedes the second Inter caetarabut in actual time may have actually followed it. There is some uncertainty over whether Christopher Columbus sent the letters czrta from Lisbonafter docking there on March 4,or held cara to them until he reached Spain, dispatching the letters only after his arrival at Palos de la Frontera on March 15, Juan and Alfonso escaped abroad, Guillen was tried but given the chance to repent. This section needs additional citations for verification.

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In these islands there are mountains where the cold this winter was very severe, but the people endure it from habit, and with the aid of the meat they eat with very hot spices. Public domain Public domain false false. This page was last edited on 3 Juneat In the letter, Columbus urges the Catholic monarchs to sponsor a second, larger expedition to the Indies, promising to bring back immense riches.

Navarrete notes that the equivalent position in the Crown of Castile had a different title, Contador mayorwhich was at that time held by a certain Alonso de Quintanilla. They firmly believed that I, with my ships and men, came from heaven, and with this idea I have been received everywhere, since they lost fear of me.

It should be noted it is also unlikely Columbus initiated the long letter in the colln of the storm—he surely had more urgent matters to attend to; he probably wrote the main body of the letter in the calm period before the storm began on February 12, and hurried to finish them when the storm hit.

Thus I record what has happened in a brief note written on board the Caraveloff the Canary Isles, on the 15th of February, They even offer it themselves, and show so much love that they would give their very hearts. It is uncertain exactly how the printed editions of the Columbus letter influenced this process.

A copy was subsequently forwarded to Naples then part of the crown of Aragonwhere Bishop Leonardus got a hold of it. The only arms they have are sticks of cane, cut when in seed, with a sharpened stick at the end, and carga are afraid to use these.

The queen had already made some significant promises Capitulations of Santa Fewhich Columbus reminded her of in the Copiador letter. The Barcelona edition is replete with small errors e. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. When the librarians refused to buy it, the forger angrily tore up the volume in front of them and stormed out. Publishing electronically as ushistory. The existence of this manuscript letter was unknown until it was discovered in It is assumed that Columbus wrote the original letter in Spanish.

They are ferocious compared to these other races, who are extremely cowardly; but I only hear this from the others. They have no iron, nor steel, nor weapons, nor are they fit for them, because although they are well-made men of commanding stature, they appear extraordinarily timid.

Inland there are numerous mines of metals and innumerable people. The world of the Sephardim Remembered. On June 12, Columbus famously gathered his crew on Evangelista island what is now Isla de la Juventudand had them all swear an oath, before a notary, that Cuba was not an island but indeed the mainland of Asia and that China could be reached overland from there.

So it was unsurprising that in his letter, which has the purpose of reporting the results of his voyage to his investors, Columbus emphasized future economic prospects to make it appear a success. Related Articles


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