Gronris While someone who believes themselves a hermetic mage may chant in Latin and have specially prepared ritual circles, the nun example above would have her rosary beads and meaningful passages from the Bible to make her magic. Iteration X make a point of painting the Technocracy in a very positive light, arguably overcompensating for the bad reputation the Union had previously had. As opposed to the mystical practices of most mages, the technomages of the Technocracy practice Enlightened Science magic with a digipunk coat of paint. They were a group of Arabic mystics who had mastered spacetime; then they saw how things were going and performed a mass NOPE! The final book in the line, Ascension implies that the tenth sphere is the sphere of Ascension in as much as spheres are practically relevant at that point in the story.

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They can and do use Vulgar magick, but will try not to. If you want to take advantage of Vulgarity you would need to Materialize and even then it may not work inside their instalations What possible ward out of nowhere could an Agent use to stop a very combat or stealth oriented Wraith from getting close to the Installation Satellite, coincidental Turrent, etc.? Any "science looking" stuff would do. In general, Foci are too versatile to be called a weakness.

With an "influence" Sphere that low, they would only be able to sense if very close. Sphere levels at 1 can detect anything in the range of sight. If this was a really OP or easy tactic against them, Dreamspeakers would have obliterated the Technocracy long ago. Technocrats are rarely so broad in their powers as Tradition mages, but they compensate this by relying on other mages. Technocrats "in general" may not have DimSci, but VE work day and night to protect all Constructs from such "extradimensional" attacks.

A powerful Construct or any one that was intended to fight the Traditions will be hard for a Wraith to infiltrate. This is the ideal target for a slow, subtle, infiltration where you pit one Techncorat against the other. A front where most of the operatives are human?. Feel free to camp there as much as you want. However, again, if people starts having gruesome deaths the larger Union WILL appear to cleanse the place.

That being said, I recomend not to be overconfident. But if I was ST I would make so you can give a shot. Your best strategy may be to try to be subtle within their instalations, and only try to kill Technocrats when they go outside preferably in ways that would seem like an accident, bonus points if they look like an accident from the PoV of a Time user too.

The less they know, the better. Last edited by Aleph ; , AM.


Guide to the Technocracy

Early times[ edit ] In the game, Mages have always existed, though there are legends of the Pure Ones who were shards of the original, divine One. Early mages cultivated their magical beliefs alone or in small groups, generally conforming to and influencing the belief systems of their societies. Obscure myths suggest that the precursors of the modern organizations of mages originally gathered in ancient Egypt. This period of historical uncertainty also saw the rise of the Nephandi in the Near East. Eventually, though, mages belonging to the Order of Hermes and the Messianic Voices attained great influence over European society.



Their victory, however, was short-lived, as the Avatar Storm cut them off from their mundane posts. The Union declared the Ascension War won and refocused on recuperating its losses, leaving the Traditionalists scattered and seemingly broken. Many of the Conventions, Iteration X the first among them, experienced the heavy costs of the war and voted to redirect resources. With the Reckoning and disruption in communications between Control and the lower ranks, the Utopian contingent has quietly been gaining more ground. It must remain stealthy and unobtrusive if it is to have a chance of succeeding. Control has also reacted to the formation of the Rogue Council by forming Panopticon , a cross-Convention Amalgam , to observe and hunt down the resistance against them.

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