Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jerry Brainum, and anyone who has read bodybuilding magazines over the past 35 years will likely recognize my name. I was the science editor of Muscle and Fitness magazine for 10 years; editor-at-large at Flex magazine for 8 years. My articles have appeared in the foreign editions of over 30 international publications. Arnold Schwarzenegger has called me in recent years to ask about subjects related to nutrition.

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On the surface, it would appear that information about health, fitness, exercise science, and nutrition are ubiquitous. After all, you can read bodybuilding magazines, or look something up on the Internet with no more than a click of a mouse, or a finger on a touchscreen.

But there is a notable problem with these sources. While bodybuilding and fitness magazines have some great information, there is a limit to how much they can discuss. The reason for this is advertising constraints. Advertising, particularly from food supplement companies, is the life blood of magazines. They no longer can depend on newsstand sales or subscriptions to cover the ever escalating costs of producing a print magazine.

For that, they need a much larger income supplied by having dozens of ads in the magazines. Indeed, the average bodybuilding magazine often contains up to 65 percent advertising. As such, readers will never get the entire truth about nutrition, supplements, and even exercise. Many web sites are also controlled by ads. Some "informational" web sites ensure that a subtle ad plug for products appears in every article.

There are no ads, no advertisers to pacify, only the pure, unvarnished truth. As such, you will not only save money that might have otherwise been spent on worthless supplements, but you will also find ways to maximize your training progress.

While there are no true "secrets" relating to nutrition and exercise, there are a lot of tricks and short-cuts that are not well-known. I will discuss all of them in this newsletter, many of which I have not previously discussed. I will also discuss ways to keep healthy for life and avoid the catastrophic illnesses, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer that often cuts life short. Those who are more serious about learning the science behind exercise and nutrition need another source of information.

There is a ton of information available about exercise, diet, health and nutrition on the Internet. But the simple truth is, anyone can write and post an article on the Internet. There are thousands of blogs written every day by self-appointed experts, but most of whom have little academic or practical experience of any consequence.

Some blogs are written with no attention given to such factors as syntax, spelling, or sentence structure, making reading them a high intensity exercise just to figure out what they are trying to say. Instead, they are top heavy in graphs, which more often than not, obscure rather than enhance complete understanding.

Some blogs appear to be written just to impress about how "smart" the writer is. There is zero consideration for clarity and imparting understandable information to readers. In contrast, Applied Metabolics Newsletter although written in simple English, supplies solid, evidence-based science that is easily understood.

Other newsletters are often too technical to interest anyone other than a scientist or a graduate student. They look and read like medical journals, often relating highly technical material with no effort to provide simple explanations. Often, the articles offer nothing of practical use, either. In contrast, the cornerstone of Applied Metabolics Newsletter is to provide information that is not only interesting and highly readable, but also practical. I absolutely guarantee that readers will learn something with every issue.

And it will be something that they can apply to their own lives. Other newsletters, often called "research reviews," are very academic, with dry prose that will interest only the most highly motivated willing to wade though a forest of technical data. In addition, such "research reviews" are usually limited to one topic, such as nutrition.

In that sense, AMN is the equal of more than 10 of the "research reviews! This is a background unmatched by anyone in the entire industry. In this publication, I will impart this knowledge. When I wrote for the magazines, I was always limited in what I could write due to advertising constraints.

In short, anything that could potentially upset an advertiser was forbidden, and would not be published. As a result, I had to discard about half the material I came across. But in this publication, there are no holds barred. I will write only the truth, backed by evidence. I predicted that arginine, an amino acid, would be the basis of NO supplements aimed at bodybuilders.

That prediction came true a decade later. I also wrote about and predicted the advent of another amino acid-based supplement that boosts NO, citrulline. At that time, the only people familiar with it were protein scientists. I have no doubt that this new edition of AMN will be similarly avant-garde, highlighting future trends in sports supplements and other items related to fitness and nutrition. Other publications offered over the Internet are often three-times the monthly cost of AMN, yet contain far less information in each issue.

AMN is the greatest bargain you will find related to exercise, fitness, and health at a cost of only 33 cents a day. Besides nutrition and exercise science, AMN will regularly feature articles on longevity science.

No one wants to wind up decrepit, senile, and unable to care for themselves. The research in this area is booming, but no one is writing about it in any any intelligible or useful manner. I intend to rectify that gap in AMN. I will tell you how to keep fit and look great all the way to the end, based on available science. AMN will also be a reliable source of information about ergogenic aids, both nutrition-based and pharmacological. I will discuss the truth about various anabolic drugs, including anabolic steroids, growth hormone, and others.

I will also decipher the truth concerning the efficacy, or lack thereof, of so-called anabolic supplements, such as prohormones and testosterone boosters, as well as "fat-burners. There are no ads in AMN, no products to push, just pure truth. I am not associated with, nor on the payroll of any supplement company. The views expressed in AMN are my own, and are based entirely on the truth as I know it. So please join me in this journey of education and truth by subscribing to the Applied Metabolics Newslettter.


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All of those athletes depended on me for one thing: To cut through the B. The bottom line is that I am NOT affiliated with any supplement company. That means I can tell you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I have no hidden agenda or magic potion to sell you and no one to censor me.


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